Is Fantomex considered "street level"?

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As I search through this forum, I see a recurring argument over whether or not Fantomex is considered "street-level".

First, what is "street-level"? Second, does Fantomex fall into that category? Why or why not?

I am new to all of this terminology, so your help is greatly appreciated! :)

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@Fantomex13: well he's dead so more like purgatory level

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Deader then disco :(

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Terms like "street-level" are thrown a lot, but most people don't really have a set definition of what they mean. Spider-man and Daredevil are both considered "street-level", but are both often involved in situations involving space-gods and world-ending crises.

My personal "street-level" gutcheck is "can I imagine this character working with a TV-show budget like 'Human Target'"

Characters like Silver Surfer, Thor, etc have pretty flashy powers.

Characters like Spider-Man, Daredevil, Fantomex, how powers that operate in a more subtle manner.

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good q. spider man, luck cage and captain america would be street level but apply their skills to space, multiverse and abstracts. fatomex never works on the street if only for a larger world scheme. his skills and abilties are performed for strange whole world crazy s#it. he could be street level but.. actually i don't have a clue. its a tuffy cos he doesn't and would'nt have anything to do with street level stuff.

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Yes, he is.

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