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    Nicknamed the empereor of crime and described as the Aeneid of our time by the french critics of the 1910's, Fantômas popularity is not to be denied and his criminal mind has yet to find a equal. He made his first appearance in a 1911 novel and has since influenced the world (James Bond Gadgets, Pink Panther, etc) with his magnificence. Public Domain Character.

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    Fantômas (The Most Popular French Villain).
    Fantômas (The Most Popular French Villain).

    He made a appearance in every popular media form possible and has spawned over 100 years. To his dossier we can count 43 novels (32 by the duo and 11 by Allain alone), 13 films (5 being silent), 1 1980's serie, 5 plays (2 being illegal), 7 comics/strips (5 french, 1 us, 1 mexican) and has various appearances/mentions/tributes/parodies/rip offs in forreign franchises such as: Us the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Fantom), Marvel (Fantomex), Disney (Fantomius), The Venture bros (phantom of the limb), Grahan Wilson Novel's (Spectrobert),1920 serial (Fantômas); Czechoslovakia Arabela (Fantômas); Uk Pink Panther (Phantom), Doctor Who (Fantômas), Fantomville's (Fantômas); Italy Astorina's, Comic Fix and Editoriale Corno's (Diabolik, Killing and Kriminal & Satanik). His adaptations are not all true to the novels-and are for the most humoristic (The Films)-but the 1937 satiral (Monsieur Fantômas) is said to be a wonder that inspired a genre, the 1910's silent ones were directed by the prolific Louis Feuillade, the 1960's trilogy featured the controversial Louis de Funès while having gadgets that inspired some of James Bond gadgets and his 1966-1981 Comic run made him popular in Latin America.


    1910's Silent Films

    Louis Feuillade Era

    René Navarre as Fantômas (Gurn, Tom and other aliases)

    1-Fantômas I- À l'ombre de la guillotine

    Release Date:May 09, 1913

    Act 1:The theft at the royal Palace Hotel

    Act 2:The dissapearance of Lord

    Act 3:By the guillotine

    2-Fantômas II:Juve Contre Fantômas

    Release Date:September 12, 1913

    Act 1:Disaster on the Simplon-Express

    Act 2:At the crocodile

    Act 3:The haunted villa

    Act 4:The Man in Black

    3-Fantômas III:Le mort Qui Tue

    Release Date:November 28, 1913

    Act 1:The tragedy in rue Novins

    Act 2:Fandor Investigation

    Act 3:The princess necklace

    Act 4:The banker Nanteul

    Act 5:Elizabeth Dollon

    Act 6:The human skin gloves

    4- Fantômas IV: Fantômas Contre Fantômas

    Release Date:March 13, 1914

    Act 1:Fantômas and Public opinion

    Act 2:The wall that bleeds

    Act 3:Fantômas Vs Fantômas

    Act 4:Getting even

    5-Fantômas V: Le Faux Magistrat

    Release Date:May 08, 1914

    Act 1:The theft at the château des loges

    Act 2:The prisoner of Louvain

    Act 3:Charles Pradier, examing magistrate

    Act 4:The burglar judge

    Act 5:The extradited man

    1920's Illegal and Unofficial Serial

    This serial, when presented in France, was translated to ''Les Exploits de Diabolos'' (The Exploits of Diabolos) in order to attract french audience and for legal reasons.This serial is considered lost.

    1930's revival

    Paul Fejos Era

    Here goes Fantômas!
    Here goes Fantômas!

    After nearly two decades of abscence, Fantômas makes a come back to the big screen. This 1932 film feature Jean Galland as Fantômas (Étienne Rambert).

    Ernst Moerman Era

    This version of Fantômas is clearly not canon. A short film (17 minutes) with Monsieur Fantômas and the humor of a belgian. Jean Michel is Fantômas


    Jean Sacha Era

    No Caption Provided

    In this 1946 French crime film Marcel Herrand portrays Fantômas (a criminal without any mercy).

    Robert Vernay Era

    No Caption Provided

    Maurice Teynac is Fantômas in this 1948 adaptation.


    André Hunebelle Era

    The last Fantômas to date, this trilogy is both humoristic and serious. Arabela Fantômas is based on this version. Gadgets featured in this films have been the inspiration for some of James Bond gadgets.

    2010's Reboot?

    Christophe Gans Era

    No Caption Provided

    This film have been in the making for a very long time, it was rumored to be cancelled when Vince Cassel quitted the adventure. Going by cinechronicles statement, this film has a budget of 50 millions and is part of a bigger picture hero universe with Fantômas being a anti-hero.


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