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When Flecther Hanks quit making comics, Fantomah was handed to another creator or creative team (W.B.Hovious, which is obviously a fake name). She was made in to Fantomah, Daughter of the Pharoahs.

She was a young woman, who lived thousands of years ago, when egypt was still a grand civilization. One day, a messenger came, and told her that she`s the daughter of the pharaohs, and therefore, a queen (in other words...a pharaoh). She got a gown of a queen, and a crown that had mystical forces, from the messenger.

Fantomah traveled to the city where she would reign, with her pet black panther named Fury.She was met with disbelief and scorn, at first.

But when she defeated a few dangerous enemies, she was welcmed as their new ruler, with open arms.

She would battle against other enemies (like Ghazia) before falling in to obscurity.

Though a lesser known character Fantomah is the first female superhero. Her first appearance was Jungle Comics #27 in February of 1940, Wonder Woman a more widely known super-heroin would come out around 8 months after the creation of Fantomah.


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