Do you think the Fantastic Four moives deserve a reboot?

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#1 Posted by LuffyDUzumaki (132 posts) - - Show Bio

If so who would you you cast?

What would you want the plot to be?

Who would be the villian?

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#2 Posted by Burnstar1230 (232 posts) - - Show Bio

IMHO, I don't really care too much for the Fantastic Four since I feel as though they are a bit 'dated' when compared to the other comic books out there, but I wouldn't do a reboot of the Fantastic Four for quite some time, like another decade. It's not like Marvel needs to make a Fantastic Four movie since all they have to do is put "Spider-Man", "X-Men" or "Wolverine" in the title to have people head to the theaters to buy a ticket. Plus, I don't think there would be enough interest in it if they only have two villains that could be considered a match for them: Doom and Galactus which have already been done (And yes, I know about the cosmic fart that represented Galactus in the second movie). Unless they want to expand on the likes of Mole Man or Puppet Master OR face Ego the Living Planet, OR look to make it an animated movie series like what they did with the two Ultimate Avengers movies, I think the interest is lost.

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#3 Posted by Dernman (24127 posts) - - Show Bio

FF's origin is getting a little update in the Point One Event. Along with Spiderman & the X-Man

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why is everyone talking about the comics when this is about the movies? 
Yes i think most of marvel's movies need to be/

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#6 Posted by ssejllenrad (13111 posts) - - Show Bio

Mr. Fantastic - Rowan Atkinson. Grey-haired, long-limbed, perfect choice!

Invisible Woman -No need for casting. She's invisible.

Human Torch - Simon Pegg. Redhead. red = fire.

The Thing - Nick Frost. Bulky. Perfect choice.

Everyone's being played by the Brits anyway.. Nyahahaha!

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#7 Posted by joshmightbe (27561 posts) - - Show Bio

I would love to see Dr. Doom get some movie respect

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#8 Posted by The_Assassin_ (17568 posts) - - Show Bio
@joshmightbe said:

I would love to see Dr. Doom get some movie respect

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#9 Posted by joshmightbe (27561 posts) - - Show Bio

Also Reed was out of character in the movies (cause he wasn't a complete douche) Johnny and Ben were the closest to the comics

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#10 Posted by moywar700 (3014 posts) - - Show Bio

Reed was out of character, he was a business man for crying out loud in the movie.

He's suppose to be a man of science.

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