Fantastic Four

    Movie » Fantastic Four released on January 01, 1994.

    The first [unofficial and non-released] Fantastic Four movie by Roger Corman.

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    Adapted from the famous comics, this movie follows Tha Fantastic four who were ordinary people until their lives were changed by Cosmic Rays. Reed Richards becomes Mr.Fantastic who is able to stretch any part of his body, and Sue Storm becomes the Invisible Woman who can turn invisible and project force fields, her brother Johnny who becomes the Human Torch has the ability to control and manipulate fire and finally Ben Grimm is turned into the Thing and has super strength. Together the Fantastic four fight evil and try to foil the plans of Doctor Doom.



    none of this movie.


    none of this movie.


    none of this movie.


    none of this movie.

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    A good 'bad' film. 0

    After years of hearing about how "epically bad" the 1994 Fantastic Four film was, after knowing that it was made on a string's budget strictly with the intention of maintaining the film rights to the property, it is someone disappointing to finally come to the conclusion that this low budget Roger Corman hero flick is actually in many the superior film to the one which actually saw a theatrical release. While the sets look like they were made for a high school play and the acting is generally no...

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