Why Fantastic Four isn't that bad

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With the entire internet convincing me that going to see this movie was going to be the absolute worst decision of my life, I was honestly quite surprised to see that it was actually a decent film. Don't get me wrong; just like most other movies, it has it's flaws, but in the end, Fantastic Four isn't that bad.

Some people say that the movie was dull. I can't argue with you there, but that almost benefits the movie. When something happened, it happened. We've become used to action movies throwing everything that they have at us before it even gets off the ground, but this movie takes its time, so when we actually got to see these characters show off their powers, it was so much better than it would have been if we had already seen them use their abilities multiple other times like most films.

Seeing Ben crying for help after waking up, I started getting emotional. Seeing the team give everything they had after Franklin's death did just the same. Seeing Susan carrying the team inside one of her force fields, with Johnny flying right beside them, it felt like the Fantastic Four that I had hoped to see on the big screen. Don't get me wrong, Doom was... different, but I'm personally someone who is open to change, and to be honest, he was still pretty epic.

If you came to this movie expecting to see incredible character development, you did that to yourself. These movies are here for thrills, and it succeeded. In no way am I praising the film, but I'm trying to focus on the positives that so many people are ignoring. Honestly, I believe that it deserves to be between the 30-50 percentile on Rotten Tomatoes, not sitting there at 8%.

I've noticed that some movies receive so much hate, and so many people go along with it, but when you actually ask those people "Was Spider-Man 3 really that bad," they tend to admit that it's not as horrible as the internet convinces you. I'd like to know if anyone else agrees with me, or if I'm just alone on this film. Either way, you're all open to your opinions, so if you disagree, it's alright.

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Sorry, I've read a lot of Fantastic Four comics since 1974 right up to James Robinson's amazing current run and this movie did absolutely nothing to remind or inspire me into thinking it was a Fantastic Four film.

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@marvelcinematicfanatic: I don't disagree. It wasn't a great movie, and I'll even concede that it was a bad movie, but they had a lot of good ideas, and just felt rushed. You could tell the studio had their hands all over it.

As for Doom. He looked really dumb, but he was way more menacing than he was in the last movie. It actually made sense that they needed to combine their forces to beat him. In the last series, Ben was pretty much handling him on his own. And in the sequel, even with the power cosmic, Johnny did beat him by himself.

It was a flawed movie, but it didn't seem like it was the director's intention to do so. Studio had an agenda

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The actors did not fit the characters. Doom was awful, and it's a rushed mess. This movie did nothing for me.

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I don't think it's a good movie but I also don't think it's the worst movie ever like most people. My biggest problem is that every character is just so very dull, none of them have any personality to the point I was agreeing with fake Doom at the end and hoping he would just kill them all.

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The actors were great wih what they were given and with a tighter script and less childish and more experienced director and less studio meddling could do a great FF film.

Thing was great Jaime Bell did a great job as Ben the only good part of the movie.

Doom was horrible and the script was dirt plus the CG was subpar again save for the Thing.

I don't believe it's as bad as everyone says it is as tbh I really enjoyed the first hour but the film lost me in the 2nd half.

5/10 for me.

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I rated it 5/10 too, The FF's Powers looked good though, Especially Ben and Johnny's.

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I agree with the OP and many of the points made. I saw the movie and it wasn't the disaster that the critics made it out to be. It was good - but not great. It had some nice scenes, but I feel that they did largely miss the concept of Doom. They should have gone "Doomless" and used another antagonist. Also, origins take too long and are pointless for a property that has had this long of a run. The origin could have been shorter.

Overall though, I think the critics were too harsh in reviewing this film. It didn't deserve glowing reviews - don't get me wrong. But this movie isn't close to as bad, IMO, as movies such as Ghost Rider, Steel, Catwoman, Batman & Robin, or even Green Lantern. IMO, FF 2015 is far better than these films, and in certain cases better than films that have sequels coming out (Maze Runner, Divergent). I'd give it 5/10 as well, which is "rent it / see it on cable" level for me, but I'm glad I saw it in the theater anyway. It was interesting, even though it wasn't the Fantastic Four I know from the classic comics. But it was still very much a Fantastic Four movie with a bit more maturity and darkness. Reed Richards, Sue & Johnny and Ben are in it. It was better than the last version of the FF (2005) in many respects.

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it was way better than people are saying, nerds just like to complain cause it wasn't exactly like what they had in their head

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i watched it the other night and it was honestly worse than people made it out to be... What a bad movie lol

you know a movie is bad when you are reaching just for people to consider it in the 30-50% range. That's all the proof you need

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The problem with this film is that its mostly just a first act with the second and third ones rushed so the characters themselves are rushed and lacks action and skips showing the heroes and villain learn to use their powers. It isnt as bad as people are saying, but it feels so rushed and is lacking in several areas that ultimately ruin it.

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@marvelcinematicfanatic: I'm glad you liked the movie. I paid $5 to see it on cheap movie night and I feel like I am owed $4.95. The movie was a huge disappointment for me. There was little jovial humor between the Thing and Torch, little chemistry between Reed and Sue. Doom was wasted. The heroes didn't get enough opportunities to show off their powers. The final fight scene was weak. How they came up with the name Fantastic Four, felt like it was written by a third grader it was so corny. The film lacked the family feel that the FF have with one another. There are so many plot holes in this movie, it was just disappointing.

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they should have add the 3 scenes that they took out the movie.

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The movie wasn't that bad at all. The 8% rating it holds on Rotten Tomatoes is unwarranted and the result of bandwagon negativity. This movie suffered from weak characterization, too much narration, and an anti-climactic finish. Its a bad movie, but certainly not a train wreck as some people make it seem. It simply lacked a plot and Doom's motivations were extremely weak. Personally I would give it a 5/10.

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Great F4 review.


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I was disappointed with the movie as it was the one that I was looking forward to the most in 2015. I enjoyed a lot of early parts of the movie, but there were a lot of things that bugged me about it. The first hour seemed like a good pilot episode to TV show at the pace they were going and then they wrapped up the whole movie in less than a half hour. The whole fight with Doom was lackluster as was his powerset. He was using his insta-kill whatever his powers were on all the people in the facility, but never once tried it on the FF. Everyone did the pretty much most basic things that could be done with their powersets and the effects were nothing special.

One of my biggest gripes were the changes to Ben. I hate the modern outlook that everyone has to be outsiders and misunderstood or not respected so that they have another hurdle to climb and any popular or more powerful person is inherently bad. Ben Grimm was a football star, the big man on campus, and a war hero. He was an extremely popular and well liked guy. He doesn't need to be neglected in a run down family with an abusive older brother to be relevant or relatable.

I thought that there was some promise to the movie and the characters and hope that they carry on with plans to make the sequel. Just get someone in there with a vision and ability to direct a big budget movie. I'd love to see them exploring the negative zone and get caught in a war between Blastaar and Annihilus and them trying to escape back home.

I do think that the critics were overly harsh on it. I think that this is a review that they have been wanting to write for a long time as a lot seem to be over super heroes movie and would like to play a part in burying the genre.

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I thought the movie wasn't half as bad as most of the people think. I kinda liked the new reboot. I mean it isn't as good as the original but the storyline seeing Reed Richards and Ben Grimm as kids growing up, to them becoming the Fantastic Four was cool to me. If I were to rate it I'd give it 3 1/2 stars with no agruments on my decision.

And I agree with everything you said @marvelcinematicfanatic

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I didn't like the movie, but I did like Doom. I hated what they did to the suit and mask with all the shiny lights and crap, but I thought Kebbell did a good job portraying Doom's sense of entitlement, thinking only he is powerful and intelligent enough to save humanity. Kebbell's an amazing actor. I think Fox and the script writers screwed him over. Then again I'm Toby Kebbell bias. It's hard for him to do any wrong in my eyes. But for sure the rest of the cast and movie sucked, and I still blame Fox. During filming there were sneak peak interviews where the cast is talking about filming certain scenes and things about the movie they're excited about that never showed up in the final cut. Fox did something. I want a new script (or the original script because I believe it was actually good until Fox mucked it all up), a new Fantastic Four, give Kebbell another chance, and maybe the director too.

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