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    Series » Published by Marvel. Started in 1994-1996.

    The world's first superhero family go on adventures to save the world as the Fantastic Four. In this accurate retelling of the popular comic book series, the Fantastic Four must go on weird adventures through time and space to stop the menace of several of the team's enemies.

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    Season 1 (13 Episodes)

    The entire series holds episodes that are exact adaptations of several of the FF's tales and is part of the Marvel Action Hour, alongside Iron Man: The Animated Series and The Incredible Hulk: Animated Series. This series was toned to a campy feel, thus making it kid friendly but not grown up entertaining. Each episode contains a small intro, courtesy of "The Man" himself, Stan Lee, talking about his works regarding the team. This series contains humor through the use of gags. They are stationed at Baxter Building. During their face-offs, they battle Doctor Doom, The Skrulls and their Super-Skrull, Galactus, Blastaar, Annihilus, Mole Man, Puppet Master and Namor. With help from the Silver Surfer, Alicia Masters and The Watcher, the world will be saved from these atrocities.

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    Season 2 (13 Episodes)

    Like the previous season, the season are also adaptations of their journeys that involves fighting criminals, intergalactic and scientific alike. However, this season took a much more mature tone, with a new extension for their headquarters dubbed, the Four Freedoms Plaza, and new uniforms to go with it. Not to mention a new vehicle called the Fantasti-Car MK II. But with all this new stuff, there will also be new foes. They encountered the Frightful Four, composed of Trapster, Wizard, Hydro-Man and Medusa, they meet the Inhumans, alongside Black Bolt, Seeker and Maximus, they fight Psycho-Man, Terrax, Klaw, Morrat, Malice (Invisible Woman under mind control), Ego The Living Planet, Impossible Man, and Hulk (brainwashed). They must also face the return of Doctor Doom and Galactus. Also, they brought back-up which includes Daredevil, Nova, Black Panther, Thor, Ghost Rider, Hulk (restored), Rick Jones and Silver Surfer again, even some of the Inhumans. Will they survive their last adventure against Doom and Galactus?

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    Season 3 (No Episodes)

    The show cancelled after the episode, "Doomsday" was aired. According to Tom Tataranowicz, the supervising prodcuer of Season 2, they would've adapted the story line containing Invisible Woman's pregnancy and their own version of Namor. They would also have made She-Hulk and Medusa as temporary members of the team.


    Critical reception for the first season was overall negative. It was heavily criticized for it's campy tone, poor animation, several inconsistencies in each episodes and nearly predictable story lines. Because of it's terrible results, the show was forced to be produced under a new studio (Season 2). Though it was slightly praised for being reliable to the source material. For Season 2, the reception became more positive because of it's darker tone. But the ratings continued to drop after suffering from the first season's outcome, thus cancelling the series.

    Note: All episodes are arranged according to production date not by air date.


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