Fantastic Four Omnibus #4

    Fantastic Four Omnibus » Fantastic Four Omnibus #4 - Volume Four released by Marvel on September 2021.

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    Celebrate 60 years of the World's Greatest Comics collaboration!

    Stan Lee and Jack Kirby conclude their record-setting tenures on the FANTASTIC FOUR, the book that birthed the Marvel Universe!

    In Kirby's final issues, Doctor Doom lurks in the shadows, the FF save Apollo 11 from an alien threat, and the Sub-Mariner and Magneto team up to attack our heroes!

    Then Stan Lee is joined by Marvel art legends John Romita Sr. and John Buscema to forge a new future for Marvel's first family!

    Along the way, the Thing battles the Hulk, the Surfer is taken captive by Galactus and the Overmind menaces Earth - leading to the strangest event in Marvel history: Doctor Doom joins the FF?! Guest-starring Black Panther, the Inhumans and more!

    Collects Fantastic Four (1961) #94-125, Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure (2008) #1, material from Fantastic Four Annual (1963) #8-9.

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular CoverArthur Adams1
    DMDirect Market Edition Variant CoverJack Kirby2


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