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Featuring Excalibur’s Phoenix and Power Pack! Reed and Sue suspect a trap when the Four Freedoms Plaza takes on the appearance of the old Baxter Building. The past, present and future loop out of sync in this time-tossed tale!

"When Franklin Comes Marchin' Home"

The Fantastic Four come home to find that home is exactly what it used to be: the Four Freedoms Plaza is once again the Baxter Building! The mystery gets thicker when the FF fights their old selves and then see an adult Franklin Richards. Meanwhile, Rachel Summers and Ahab both awaken at Franklin's presence in this timeline. The Days of Future Present begin.

Note: Despite what the notes say about the next issue being the X-Factor Annual #5, due to failed deadlines the next chapter of the story is in the New Mutants Annual # 6.

"Cast In Fire, Carved In Stone"

Doom suspects that Volcana has a fragment of the Molecule Man's power hidden somewhere. He follows her for a day and discovers (amongst a fight with the Wizard and Moonstone) how the power is triggered. Now to find out how to claim that power for himself...

"Beyond and Back"

This story follows the events of Fantastic Four #319. The Beyonder has reemerged from the Cosmic Cube, reformed into a woman named Kosmos. She is met by Kubik and goes on an educational tour of the Marvel Universe(s). Each power in play in the universe is represented, even the Living Tribunal, leaving the newly formed Kosmos to question her own place in it all.



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Being a reader of the X-books only, I purchased this annual for the Days of Future Present storyline. Instead of swimming through an annual of stories about characters that I'd likely never see again, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed every story. The main event was told marvelously. Franklin Richards comes to the past from the future and distorts reality into something he would have been more familiar with. The problem: his past is also the past of the Fantastic Four. They, and ...

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