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The Last Atlantis Story

AF Reviews: Atlantis Attacks
AF Reviews: Atlantis Attacks

For Crown and Conquest is the final chapter in Marvel's Atlantis Attacks crossover and is written by Roy Thomas with Mark Bagley on pencils. The story features the Avengers and Fantastic Four but quickly just the Fantastic Four fighting to free the Brides of Set from Ghaur and Llyra.

This is just, really, a lacklustre ending. For a 15 or so part crossover, it's just pretty lame to have Namor show up and save the day. Especially when the issue starts with the Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange and a huge cast of Avengers ready to fight and instead we just get Namor and the Fantastic Four actually doing some as the rest all fight unseen Lemurian forces off-panel. It's hard to really feel anything for this story because it's just so redundantly unimpressive. There's just not much going on besides Namor saving the day.

As for how they defeat the villain, it is pretty frustrating. Just like Atum the God-Eater randomly showing up last issue, this issue we get Naga of Lemuria... another obscure character who has only made a few appearances in Sub-Mariner and that's it. Anyway, he's the game-changer here. But what's even better is instead of Ghaur or Llyra being defeated they just disappear. Oh and the whole Naga thing is across one page. Really bad deus ex machina there.

A very very disappointing ending to a uneven and rarely a truly entertaining crossover event the failed to really do much and often forgot to have Atlantis or Attacking in it's issues. As the conclusion, this is poor. As was the penultimate chapter. Maybe I had my hopes too high after the double-pronged attack of quality with the Spider-Man/Fantastic Four story and the subsequent Avengers issue by Byrne. Nevertheless, it's just mostly a poorly paced and unsastifyingly concluded event.

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