Fantastic Four #9

    Fantastic Four » Fantastic Four #9 - The End of the Fantastic Four! released by Marvel on December 1, 1962.

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    The Fantastic Four are unable to pay their bills, so they are kicked out of the Baxter Building. Reading a newspaper report which says that they are needed for a "Fantastic Four Movie", the foursome decide it's the best way to get money. Hitchiking to Hollywood, the four are shocked to find out that the "director" of the movie is none other than Namor. However, Namor claims that his offer of $1 million is real, as his ancestors have seen where various treasures are buried under the sea. 

    The next day, Namor has the various members shooting for their scenes, but unknown to them, he is planning to defeat them. He sends Mr. Fantastic to an island with a giant Cyclops, tricks the Torch into fighting a tribe of natives who have a potion which makes them immune to fire, fights the Thing on a beach and tries to woo Invisible Girl. However, Mr. Fantastic defeats the Cyclops, the Torch destroys the natives' potion, and the Thing recovers from Namor defeating him, so they can stop him. Namor then leaves, and tells them to make the movie anyway. They do so, and make enough money to return to the Baxter Building. 


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    The End of the Fantastic Four! 0

    This one is something of a Hulk. On the one hand you have a pretty intelligent, character-driven premise based on human flaws and everyday troubles of paying the bills. Then on the other you have this terribly overly fantastical plot of the God of the Sea (or whatever Namor is) buying a film studio (presumably with magic fish money) and using it to kill off his four nemesis one by one in a series of unbelievably elaborate action sequences. Of course, in the end Namor gets to walk off into the oc...

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    Half Classic, Half Awful 0

    Once again we have an issue of Fantastic Four that starts of good - in this case really good - and then turns bad in the second half - in this case, really bad.  O.K., Stan Lee came up with a great setup here - what happens when superheroes can't pay their bills? After Reed invests all the Four's money in the stock market, and loses it all, the Fantastic Four have to sell everything just to pay their rent. Meanwhile, their old enemy, The Sub-Mariner hatches a plot to take advantage of their dest...

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