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Fantastic Four #605

End Of Line Summary Reed and Nathaniel travel to the future to see what was Re-Written. They first travel to 3012, where Earth is aligned with the Sh'iar and the Badoon. The Fantastic Four of this era is a version of the Human Torch, a Spider-Woman, Franklin Richards and the Thing. The Fantastic Four of the 31st century fight the failing Kree Empire and their Skrull slaves. Reed and Nathaniel then travel to 4012 where Thing is giving a commencement speech to the graduates of the Future Foundation. Reed and Nathaniel travel to 5012 where Thing has gone insane and is super lonely to the point where he's now talking to statues of Reed, Sue and Johnny. Reed and Nathaniel travel to 6012 where Thing has died and Franklin Richards has come to say goodbye. In Conclusion, Reed and Nathaniel return home and Reed grabs some beers and sees that Ben and Bentley are watching boxing. Reed sits in the recliner and watches boxing with Ben. Review Cover-**** Writing-***** Art-*** Story-***** Total-8.5/10

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    Simply Beautiful 0

    With the end of the "Forever" storyline last issue, we saw a bit of the future. With issue 605 we get to see a great deal of the future through the eyes and ears of Reed Richards and his father. The future looks bright and a certain constant is always there to comfort the reader as we journey through time. This issue is beautifully amazing. It takes a moment for all that you've seen to sink in but in the end you simply can't help but smile. Too many issues of comic books now are all fight and fl...

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    Written By:Jonathan HickmanArt By:Ron GarneyAfter the events of the last issues, When Nathaniel Richards came back to save the Fantastic Four, it turns out he was willing to save the Fantastic Four to re-write the future. Now Reed and Nathaniel must go forward in thousands of years to explore the "re-written" future.After reading the last issue, it left us with an empty note, It made me think "What will happen next?!" . Seeing the cover of the next issue i though this issue will actually have an...

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