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Huge, awesome, worth every penny (or cent)

I managed to avoid spoilers for this issue and didn't even look for preview pages, and the wait was definitely worth it. 28 pages of Hickman & Epting and a truly awesome 48 pages of Hickman & Giandomenico combine for a science heavy, emotional, action-packed, trippy, quality journey that is well worth the money, even before the additional 3 short stories at the end. And those are NOT just filler material. With a story and comic as long as this one there is a danger that a writer will lose steam halfway through and the story will just start to feel weak. Here, Hickman has such a huge plan to rely on that this doesn't happen. Every part is solid and well thought out. I admit I still don't fully understand all of the details we see here, but it's enough to carry me and the plot forward. The guest heroes who show up really play a great part - I loved the Red Hulk-She Hulk-Thing team-up. Just brilliant. Carmine Giandomenico's art in the second story really blew me away - so much detail, and is has a really cool style that I think is very suited to the FF. The Fantastic Four is back as a comic and I can't wait to see what's next. This is definitely worth every one of my 5 stars.

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