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Life seems to finally be taking on a semblance of normalcy for the Fantastic Four, although Sue and Johnny fight over her not-so-secret crush on Namor. Meanwhile, Dr. Doom swearing vengeance for his defeat at the hands of the Fantastic Four, recruits The Sub-Mariner to aid in the destruction of the male members of the team. The Fantastic Four had difficulty beating each of these villains on their own - how can they possibly stand up to the combined forces of the Diabolical Duo?

Namor intrudes inside the Baxter building. Then Doom transports the Baxter building in to space. Namor has second thoughts about the team-up, and turns against Doom. There`s a battle and Doom is flung in to space.


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Sub-Mariner and Dr. Doom - You Knew it Was Coming 0

Last issue ended with this...  Johnny: Gosh, first Sub-Mariner and now Doctor Doom loose on Earth! What happens next?! Reed: We'll devote our lives to tracking them down! We can do no more!  So guess who the villain of this issue is? Big surprise - both of them. Didn't see that one coming.  The issue shows us a little more of the Fantastic Four's daily life in the first few pages, which is nice. There's also an update to the Baxter Building cutaway we saw a few issues back.  Sue seems to be deve...

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Captives of the Deadly Duo! 0

So it’s getting to the point now where I actively look forward to getting around to the nextFantastic Four issue. In comparison with just about everything else Marvel was putting out around this time, the FF are single, fairly consistent beacon of hope. What’s best about this though is that after this issue, the Four would be printed monthly rather than bi-monthly. So now we get twice the thrills, and boy is this one a good way to start!Pairing up the series’ most dastardly villains thus far, pu...

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