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    The End of the Fantastic Four?

    If you can't tell already, I am a huge fan of the Fantastic Four. I have read all 588 issues to be brought to this "final" issue.  Wow.  Let me say that again, Wow.  Where do I start?  The art. As with many many "death of..." stories, there is no room for words. In a very classy manner, the art says all the things that words cannot. The images of Ben Grimm showing his complete devastation over the loss of his best friend brought me to tears.

     Ben's Grief
     Ben's Grief
    Seeing each member of the family working through their grief was completely true to these most classic of characters.  The scenes of support from the rest of the superhero community were honest, but no panels can compare to the Thor/Hulk support group for Ben Grimm.  Fans of the Thing have know for years that under that hard rocky exterior, beats the heart of a gentle giant. Watching that heart break brings home the truth, Johnny is dead.  

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      The final issue of the Fantastic Four. Can it top the previous issue now that we know who died?  The Good This issue was amazing. My goodness. I read it in the cab on the way back from the comic shop and was blown away. By now, you should know that Johnny died. You can probably guess what this issue will deal with. It doesn't matter, you won't be prepared. Jonathan Hickman superbly tells the sad story of everyone dealing with the death of Johnny. The way it's presented here simply works (I won't...

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      So. Here we are. The final issue of the Fantastic Four. Is it at least good? Spoilers ahead.  Oh yeah. To be honest, I actually don't care for the art of the main story so much. Epting took the month off and we got Nick Dragotta instead. I am not too familiar with his style. But then after going through the story, it seems to fit the issue well. The facial expressions really tell the tale and get you feeling what the character is going through. Dragotta and Hickman sure paired well here.   I do ...

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