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Three: Conclusion or How Hickman Killed the Fantastic Four 4

Jonathan Hickman is bringing the Fantastic Four franchise a brand new breath of fresh air in "Three" by doing the unthinkable; killing off one member in the team. On issue #587 we finally know who will be the "casualty", with Reed trapped in a dying Nu-World, Susan in the middle of the Atlantis fiasco and the Johnny-Human Ben duo facing another Annihilation wave in the Baxter Building, things look dire for all of them...but only ONE of them DIES. I want to calrify now that I WILL NOT SPOIL WHO ...

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Will This DEATH Issue Stand Out From The Others? 12

Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four run has been leading to this point. Casualty brings the end of the team as a member is now gone.    The Good  I've said it from the beginning of Hickman's run, he's been nailing the FF. His issues bring that old adventure theme but brings the action up to date. When THREE began, we were told one member would perish. Whenever we hear or see a death in comic books, is there any way for us to be concerned? That is the biggest struggle a writer will have with writin...

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Review: Fantastic Four #587 1

3 concludes with that important death you've all been hearing about for so long.  The Good Sue's coronation as an undersea queen and the subsequent, significant shift it brings to her relationship with Namor was pretty clever - - a turn that brings characters into a new direction while still staying true to their established identities. Storytelling wise, I have to say that the mostly "silent" way the big death in this issue was handled added a lot more gravitas than it would've had in less car...

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Fantastic Four Issue 587 Review 0

        The Fantastic Four changed the comic book industry. They are one of Marvel's most respected teams and have saved not only the world, but WORLDS and heck, even the universe a time or two. For nearly 50 years, Marvel's First Family of comics have remained virtually unchanged, unshaken, and have proven to be classics. However in a sea of new comics, new teams, and extreme changes to comics, it seems that many find the Fantastic Four to be stale. With the same characters for 50 years, h...

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A Death in the Family 0


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Spoiler Alert! (F3 Review) 1

First off i am not an Avid Reader of the FF, the characters rarely held large appeal for me.  But collecting the Issue when i first caught wind of what was going to happen kinda peaked my interests as to see what would actually happen to bring down one of the fantastic four.  So, on to the Proverbial Elephant in the room. Johnny Storm, ive listened to Reviews from other members and site admin on there weekly video reviews, and i can see the reasons why johnny was the one to get the axe. Against ...

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The unthinkable has happened. 1

Fantastic Four #587 The climactic event for the future of the Fantastic Four happens here in this issue. This is the issue that everyone was over the top excited for but also dreaded. The death of a member, friend, loved one, and hero Johnny Storm. This issue brings a lot of questions of what if. What if it was Sue, Ben, Reed? What if it was a lie? What if the team splits up? WHAT IF? To me a comic is very good if it makes you think and gets your brain going. I don't want to just have a story la...

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Farewell to a Hero (But there´s no body) 0

In a series where the writing usually overcome the art, this issue proved that Steve Epting, beyond any doubt, is a master in penciling comic books. All the issues (# 583 to now) have great art, but I think Epting left the best to the end: amazing panels, only one double spread page - and the crucial one, totally justified - perfect distribution of the characters per page, Epting has such an incredible feeling for position and character body movement, it´s just completely outstanding what he doe...

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Back Issue Bin : Fantastic Four 587, Elfquest 21, Star Wars Omnib 0


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