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Of Spear, Future, Revenge and Bed Time

Hickman is working in this title for a while now (almost a year and a half) and the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit, as he unveils lots of entwined threads, that separately means nothing, but in the end of this countdown will surely make us fall from grace and amazement. This writing technique that consists in spliting the Fantastic Four in three mini teams isn´t new, but as they walk through different paths and face equal danger, chasing to answers and survival itself, we perceive how Hickman has made this aproach very aware of it´s potential and that it isn´t an old dated tool (spliting the team technique). As Sue plays UN ambassadress for Atlantis and the aquatical world, Reed Richards has to catch up with others decisions that will seriously affect both him and his family as he travels alongside Galactus, while Ben and Johnny who are being frivolous and enjoying life don´t have a clue of what´s to come, what will prove to be an annihilation. In the other hand what´s the part of Valeria and Franklin in all this? How can Sue prevent Namor to wage war and spoil all her atempts of peace? Can Reed live up to his expectations as a protector of his family and avoid obliteration of the future from Galactus? In his human form, deprived from his strenght and blinded by blunt and bliss, will Ben Grimm fall in the battle to come or Doom will rescue everyone and then make his final move? It´s all ideas that Hickman seeds in the readers while Steve Epting continues to amaze with details, shadows, magnificent art. Althought it´s not the best comics in sale for Marvel, this book is one of the best of the year and in order for due recognition.
5 out 5


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Thanks . I will check this issue out. I do love the cover art. How is Hickmans take on Namor? Namor hasn't really felt like threat in comics in a long while and he is very compelling when he's done right. 

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