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This issue is written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Neil Edwards. The writing on this comic is just as amazing as it has been since Hickman began writing this series. The dude is just an excellent writer. I'm not sure how much i like Edwards art, but i guess it's a style that would grow on you. So i won't critisize his art work too much, having only laid eyes on his work in this comic. There's not much that goes on in this issue, but we do see Alex from the Power Pack move into the Baxter building. Reed Richards also starts putting a team together in this issue. I won't say what the team is for, but its got me excited to see where this is going. So we have some interesting stuff going on in this series and some things being built upon to make some great near future story arcs. I have to say not much happened in this issue, but that doesn't make this any less fun to read. The way Hickman writes a story there doesn't have to be alot of action to make it a good comic. So i def recommend you getting this comic. This is a great, fun series to read.

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    Fantastic Four #579  Hickman continues to show us how much of an asset he really is to Marvel.  I say this every so often, but before Hickman was on the book I could have cared less about Marvel's "First Family."   This issue was more set up for the entire War of Four Cities that we are waiting for.  The issue seems to be alot about resetting perspective for Reed Richards, Explorer Supreeme.  I think that there has been a tiny bit of growth for his character as he realizes that everybody else is...

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