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The story we had to call "A Fantastic Four Wedding And A Funeral"...

At the Reen-Wood Cemetary in Brooklyn, Sue Storm is facing a difficult task, speaking at her own funeral...or actually the funeral of the Sue from a distant future. A large number of heroes and friends are attending including Uatu the Watcher. The New Defenders say their goodbye to Sue and tell her they'll miss her as they prepare for Nu-World. As everyone begins to depart from the cemetery Wolverine and his future counterpart The Hooded Man pass by one another. Wolverine, obviously taken aback, says "You gotta be kiddin' me." The Hooded Man simply responds "Don't even ask." and the two go their seperate ways.

At the Baxter Building, Valeria shows Reed the new trailer for the Fantasti-Car that is 200 times bigger on the inside (she got the idea from Doctor Who). Franklin seems a little bummed and asks Santa for super-powers like the rest of his family.

Reed visits Dr. Doom in his prison, the Hague. Reed wants to try to save Doom's life, despite the fact that he killed future Sue. Doom tells him that is why he will win. He will grind his skull beneath his feet. He tells him he has friends in the highest of places and will be free soon. He also mentions his master. The man that "taught [him] everything [he] knows, the first super-villain" around. It seems he has "plans for humankind, an appetite that chills [Doom's] black heart." He tells Reed he wonders if Sue can die twice. He tells Reed "nine weeks."

The Thing is out flying with his girlfriend Debbie. They fly over New York and marvel at all the sights. He asks her if she's a Skrull or a killer robot. Then he proposes to her.

One dimension away, two mysterious figures (Clyde Wyncham from Mark Millar's 1985 mini-series and The Marquis of Death, Dr. Doom's former master) teleport into New York City. Clyde asks The Marquis which species should they start with, Insects or People. The Marquis snarls, "People."


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