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Fantastic Four 557

I have never been a big FF fan.  However, the pairing of Millar and Hitch convinced me to have a go at the current run of stories and this first storyline, "World's Greatest" was pretty good, if not spectacular.  The cusp of the story was about a billionaire who has been busy creating an identical world elsewhere, due to our own world falling apart and about the fact that that world's protector had gone awol and trigger happy in our own world.  Whew.  Now that the plot's out of the way I can tell you that this is by far the least interesting thing about this story.  Far more interesting, and I think this is absolutely Miller's intent, is the interactions between the characters.  In this storyline, both Ben and Johnny have new loves - Ben has a sweet teacher to cuddle up to whilst, more excitingly, Johnny has the hots for a blue haired super villian lady.  I like where this is going.  Meanwhile Reed's first love, Alyssa Moy, has turned up and evidently still has feelings for her, which (SLIGHT SPOILER) is actually a key twist in how Reed eventually defeats the big baddie in this issue.  For those of you who love the FF for Reed's outlandish inventions, you won't be disappointed in this issue either. 

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