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The Frightful Four have made a tragic miscalculation in their plans for revenge, as Reed and Sue have now returned to the FF—and that makes the odds six to four…

With the return of Klaw, the Fantastic Four, with Mr. Fantastic, are put on the ropes. Klaw uses his sonic-based abilities to take down the Fantastic Four with the help and knowledge of the Wizard. Wizard reveals that he was able to revive Klaw with a sound bite that he downloaded online. The Thing is more resilient than Klaw expected, especially since the Black Panther handed him vibranium ear plugs with block Klawn's power, and he punches him so strongly that the Klaw's body dissipates. Just when it seems that the Wizard is done for, the other members of the Frightful Four arrive, namely Titania and Hydro-Man. Before another round of fighting occurs, Storm arrives with a very angry Invisible Woman, who was held captive by the Frightful Four. The Invisible Woman makes quick work of Titania and Hydro-Man, fighting against the Wizard and explaining to him why she is so angry. Sue scares the rest of the Fantastic Four since they believe she killed the Wizard, but she made him faint by showing him his own organs. Taking the Frightful Four and placing them in suspended animation, Black Panther tells the team that they will arrive on Earth in a few months, which should give time to Sue to figure out what to do with them. While riding their spaceship back for home, the Fantastic Four meet with a disturbance and find themselves facing a large group of Watchers, realizing that there is a rip in the space-time continuum. When they think about what to do about it, their spaceship is attacked by a plethora of aliens.

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