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The Fantastic Four is helpless against the cosmic power of Epoch. The Black Panther goes one-on-one vs. The Silver Surfer. And oh, yeah, there's a new Protector of the Universe and he's got a bone to pick with Galactus.

T'Challa and Michael Collins travel back to Earth. Michael is not pleased with the thought that they just abandoned the others. T'Challa calls one of his men and tells him to prepare his Galactus Contingency Plan. He also tells him to prepare the "frogs."

The newly reborn Gravity prepares to take on the Silver Surfer and Stardust. The Fantastic Four are surprised since they came out there to retrieve his dead body that was taken from his grave on Earth. Gravity tells them that he has become the Protector of the Universe and must defend Epoch. When Gravity makes a move towards Galactus, Stardust blasts him into a asteroid. Thinking he's been killed, Storm unleashes her fury on Stardust. Thing starts digging through rock and finds Gravity unhurt. They are both surprised. Storm tells the Surfer to move out of her way and finds that Stardust is back, right behind her.

On Titan, Reed and Sue take a stroll on the moon. Sue begins to ask what the rest of his plan is. She knows that he has to have calculated the long term solution after siding with Iron Man. He says there may be a way to guide things for a better world. Sue accuses Reed of sounding like Dr. Doom. Reed promises her that there will be no more secrets. Their moment is interrupted due to an "unexplained interplanetary phenomena" and the house has been programmed to inform the residents there. An object has entered the solar system and appears to be headed to Earth. Sue allows Reed to investigate but says she's going with.

On Earth at the Wakandan Palace, a crate marked "Plan G" is waiting for T'Challa and Michael. T'Challa asks for the frogs. His man advises him against using the frogs but T'Challa insists. They are King Solomon's Frogs. One controls space and the other time. Placing one on the...back of the other will take them back to the others almost instantaneously. T'Challa puts on a device and attacks the Silver Surfer. When the Surfer blasts at the Black Panther, he finds that he cannot stop. The armor T'Challa is wearing is based on the technology that Dr. Doom used to steal the Surfer's Power Cosmic. He then gives the armor to Johnny since he has had experience wielding the power before. Johnny is to take on Stardust while T'Challa will handle the Surfer with his fists. Johnny is able to keep Stardust at bay while Gravity creates two even horizons on either side of her.

Epoch is moments away from being drained by Galactus. Gravity hits him with a blast that manages to actually hurt Galactus and gets his attention. The rest arrive and order Galactus to release Epoch. Gravity says he could crush Galactus like a tin can but it's not in his nature to do so. He begins blasting Galactus, hitting him with full energy. Michael is concerned that Gravity is killing Galactus but Gravity tells him he's actually feeding him. It is enough to restore Galactus to full strength. He grants him a boon. Gravity asks that Galactus won't harm Epoch. Galactus says she will not be harmed. When Epoch thanks her new Protector of the Universe, Gravity tells her that his stunt drained all the power she gave him. Epoch says it can be restored but he declines. He wants to go back to Earth. She allows him saying she can find another Protector.

The Fantastic Four, Michael, and Gravity to Earth via the frogs. Gravity decides to fly back home to see his parents.


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The FF are fun again!! 0

I was really disappointed with the last issue, but this one makes up for it totally. I actually liked Black Panther this time around, and I didn't think that would be possible given the last few issues I've read featuring the character. While I thought everything felt a little awkward last issue, this time around everything seems to make sense. This time around instead of having Black Panther just trying to duke it out with the Silver Surfer, he actually comes up with a plan. McDuffie managed to...

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