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It's the night of the anniversary of the first manned faster-than-light space flight and birth of the Fantastic Four. Ben and Johnny watch a Lateline program dedicated to this event. Several people, including superheroes, are interviewed on what the Fantastic Four means to them.Reed and Sue are talking, trying to figure out where they will go from here. Sue is still upset and feels she cannot trust Reed for his actions during the "Civil War." She says she still loves him but things will never be the same.

As the show ends and the kids have long been put to bed, Johnny and Ben wonder what will happen next. Finally Sue and Reed show up. They find out that the two have decided not to return to the Fantastic Four. They need time to work on their marriage. In order to not leave them short-handed, they have brought in a couple of replacements.

During the final battle of the Civil War, the Wakandian embassy was destroyed. Needing a place to stay, the Black Panther and Storm have agreed to join the team.

As the Mole Man is invading the world, a call is put out to the Fantastic Four. Reed hangs up on the call because it is their 45th anniversary with Marvel and no one has congratulated them. Just then, Stan Lee comes to pay them a visit. With the city being overrun, Reed finally gives in and agrees to fight and defeat the Mole Man. Stan says he has a better answer that doesn't involve fighting. He runs out and the FF dedide to give him five minutes. As they are about to go out, Stan returns with the Mole Man. He has given up and wants peace. Surprised, they ask Stan how he got Mole Man to give up. Stan tells them that he promised Mole Man a cameo in the next Fantastic Four movie.

As Johnny works on a hot rod with Wyatt, Ben calls him to annoy him with the fact that Spider-Man is on tv. At the Daily Bugle, Peter Parker tries selling some pictures of Spider-Man to J. Jonah Jameson. Jameson tells him he wants something different like photos of Johnny Storm. Peter then goes to the race track to get some pics.

Not able to get a clear shot, Peter puts on his costume to climb up a radio tower. As Johnny is driving, he sees Spider-Man up there and becomes enraged. This causes him to Flame On. Johnny's car bursts into a ball of flames and he decides to go after Spidey. Crystal manages to get them to stop fighting.


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Civil War Aftermath & 45th Anniversary 0

I feel like I should have liked this issue more then I did. Dwayne McDuffie has the hard task of writing the 45th Anniversary Issue of the Fantastic Four, while it also being the first Post-Civil War issue. He does manage to celebrate the FF while moving the story forward all at the same time.The tribute in McDuffie's story is mostly handled in a "Lateline" look back at the Fantastic Four. It's a documentary style special that Ben, Johnny and the kids are watching on TV. While it is nice to see ...

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