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Let's see, what's the most awesome thing about this issue? The first apearance of Dr. Doom? Thing wearing an eyepatch, pretending to be a pirate? Yeah, it's all pretty great.

Plot Summary

The Fantastic Four come face to face with Doctor Doom for the first time, the evil genius who would become the group's greatest foe as he attacks the Baxter Building with the intention of recruiting the Fantastic Four to perform a task for him. Taking the Invisible Girl hostage as a bargaining chip, Doom forces Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, and the Thing to travel back in time via his time machine to steal Blackbeard's treasure for him.

In the past, the three of them find more suitable clothing and to disguise the Thing, Reed covers his eye with an eye patch and gives him a fake black beard. The three then go to a tavern, where they are drugged and shanghaied. They awake aboard a pirate ship and escaping from the hold they assist the pirates in a raid upon another ship; one which is loaded full of gems. Upon their success, the pirates choose the Thing to be their captain, and due to his fake black beard they name 'Blackbeard'.

The Thing tells Reed and Johnny that he wants to stay in the past, since he's the captain of a ship here, but in the present day he's merely a freak. Reed and Johnny try to convince him otherwise but a tornado hits before the Thing can make a final decision. The tornado smashes the ship to bits and Johnny, Ben and Reed make it to shore and recover the treasure chest which Reed fills with old chains, claiming they never agreed to bring Doom the actual treasure, just the chest. Doctor Doom believing they have had enough time recalls the trio and after a confrontation with a robot mimicking himself he captures the trio once more. Forgetting about the Invisible Woman though she manages to escape Doom's presence and free her comrades before both they and Doom escape and go their separate ways.


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Meet Dr. Doom 0

This issue is significant because it introduces perhaps the greatest villain in the Marvel Universe, Dr. Doom.  As a story goes... well it just isn't that strong. Like most issues of Fantastic Four, the first half is better than the second. Probably the only thing I don't like in the first few chapters (other than standard corny Silver Age dialog) is the fact that Johnny Storm is reading a Hulk comic and compares the Hulk to the Thing - O.K., he read a Sub-Mariner comic last issue, I can kind of...

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Fantastic Four #5 0

This is the first appearance of Dr. Doom in the Fantastic Four. The plot is goofy (although that's to be expected), as Doom sends the three of the Four back in time to capture Blackbeard's jewels, which were supposedly enchanted by Merlin (or something).   Again Susan Storm plays the damsel in distress. Are there any feminist comics blogs out there? I'd be interested in reading feminist interpretations of these early silver age issues. The degree of sexism in these Silver Age comics is laughable...

3 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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