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Superb Seeker Saga!

Marvel ditched the proposed marketing as Marvel Pop Art Productions and returned as Marvel Comics (phew!) for this milestone comic for the Fantastic Four. So much seems to happen in it, aside from the introduction of the Inhumans and so many new characters, we have the blossoming love-story of Johnny Storm and Crystal. We have a slug-fest issue and the origins of the Inhumans explained - it`s a hunk of a mag, I really can`t figure how they managed to cram so much in...but they did - and it`s great.

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There does initially seem to be a complicated chase around going on, ready? ok...
A group of Inhumans have arrived to recover some runaway Inhumans, both are tangling with the interfering FF. Both groups of Inhumans are being tracked by The Seeker (why didn`t Black Bolt and his mates just leave the whole lot to this guy?). The Seeker also has his greasy paws on grabbing Dragon-Man, who he mistakenly assumes is another escapee Inhuman...
We, the readers are not sure who to cheer for here, the Inhumans seem okay, maybe just misguided, but both Crystal and Triton whine so passionately about `freedom` it`s like they`re escaping some sort of foul tyranny (surely not True Believers,eh?!). And what could possibly be wrong with doe-eyed doll Crystal and slobbery-chops Lockjaw...
Stan Lee really went to town on the techno-babble for this issue - check out some of The Seeker`s dialogue, it raised a grin from me...
We get lots of action too, the first half of the mag being, mostly, the FF`s struggle with the Inhumans. It`s all very entertaining stuff, and looks good - Jack Kirby excelled himself for this one.
A must read.

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