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Are You Inhuman? The Gentleman Named Gorgon Is.

Are There Inhumans Among Us?
Are There Inhumans Among Us?

Fantastic Four is pretty clearly the title that got the most attention from Jack 'King' Kirby during his first tenure at Marvel Comics (at the time going by the name 'Marvel Pop Art Productions'). And issue #44 is one of the great examples of Kirby doing what Kirby does best - superhuman battles!

Medusa, last seen as part of the Frightful Four, is chased to the Baxter Building by a super-being known as Gorgon. There she hides in Johnny Storm's Corvette Stingray, forcing Johnny to drive her into the countryside to escape Gorgon. Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four don't take too kindly to Gorgon wrecking their headquarters, and when he steals their helicopter, the remaining three F.F.-ers take off in pursuit.

As fate would have it, Medusa and the Human Torch have it out just above the subterranean slumber spot of Dragon Man, waking him up.

Then all Hell breaks loose: The Fantastic Four fight Medusa, Dragon Man fights Medusa, Dragon Man fights the Fantastic Four, Gorgon fights Medusa, Gorgon fights Dragon Man, The Fantastic Four fight Dragon Man, Gorgon fights the Fantastic Four, etc. etc.

It may be mindless action, but it's mindless Action! in the distinctively exciting 'King' Kirby style.

The issue is also notable as a set-up for the Inhumans back story, and the first appearance of Johnny Storm's Corvette Stingray (previously he just had generic 'hot rods'). Also, the letters page contains a letter from Dave Cockrum (who would one day become the definitive X-Men artist) praising Stan and Jack for issue #40 of Fantastic Four.

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