Fantastic Four #28

    Fantastic Four » Fantastic Four #28 - We Have To Fight The X-Men! released by Marvel on July 1, 1964.

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    At the start of this issue, the Fantastic Four are discussing the X-Men. Meanwhile, the Puppet Master and Mad Thinker are meeting up, as the Mad Thinker has a plan that will stop the Fantastic Four. He orders the Puppet Master to create a puppet of the X-Men's leader, and using the Thinker's exact calculations, manages to create a puppet of Professor X which can control him. Professor X then tells the X-Men to capture the Fantastic Four. Since they don't realise Professor X is being controlled, they obey him and fly their helicopter to the Baxter Building. Upon going into the building and greeting the Fantastic Four, they get mentally told by Professor X to capture them. The X-Men battle the Fantastic Four, but it's a stalemate until the X-Men capture Sue Storm and take her to an island the Professor told them about. When there, the Fantastic Four are caught by various traps on the island, for example a massive pit for the Thing to fall into. The Mad Thinker and Puppet Master then arrive, and are ready to command Professor X to subdue the X-Men. However, just before succumbing to the command, Beast manages to smash the puppet of Professor X. He then also gets knocked out. Meanwhile, the Thing manages to escape from the pit by diggging handholds in the wall, and frees the other members of the Fantastic Four. Together, they and the X-Men then are forced to fight the Mad Thinker's android, but can't do anything to it. Before they are destroyed, Professor X, miles away, uses his mental powers to shut the android down. The Mad Thinker and Puppet Master then escape, and the X-Men apologise to the Fantastic Four for fighting with them.


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    A fine collection of plot holes 0

    For most of the 1960s, the Fantastic Four were the flagship title of Marvel. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby did some great work in creating new characters, concepts and relationships. Stuff that are still influencing the Marvel output, five decades later. But obviously not all of the issues were five-star material.  #28 features the first crossover between the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. They fight against each other at first, then team-up against common foes. The classic Marvel crossover of the time...

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    X-Men: First Class Mess 0

    This issue features the Mad Thinker and his 'Awesome' Android teaming up with the Puppet Master - pretty cool, huh? Then throw in Marvel's coolest super team of all time, the X-Men and you know you're in for a hell of a ride.  So why only two stars? Well for one the characters really aren't all used to their best potential here (especially Marvel Girl and Invisible Girl - big surprise), and sometimes when they are used, the uses of their powers are goofy/questionable (particularly Iceman and Pro...

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    By "Strongest" we mean "Weakest" 0

    Professor X is purportedly the strongest mind on the planet.  Sue Storm has the strongest diversity of powers in the Fantastic Four.  Jean Grey is the strongest telekinetic on the planet.  Maybe I am reading too much  later character development into these statements, but after a year of training with Xavier and over a year of defeating villains with her teammates, Marvel and Invisible Girl should be a whole lot more impressive than they are in here.  Susan just lets herself get put into a locke...

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