Fantastic Four #26

    Fantastic Four » Fantastic Four #26 - The Avengers Take Over! released by Marvel on May 1, 1964.

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      • After battling the Hulk alone, the Torch/Johnny Storm has been hospitalized. The Invisible Girl /Sue Storm Is exhausted and mentally fatigued by trying to save Johnny from the Hulk .Now Ben Grimm /the Thing after taking a beating from the Hulk is ready for round two. As the Hulk and the Thing battle rages on, at the hospital Sue looks after a delirious Reed who desperately wants to aid Ben against the Hulk .Johnny finally comes to and despite his injuries flames on and flies out the hospital window back into battle against the Hulk. The Human Torch sees the battle below and attacks the Hulk. The Hulk pulls a fire hydrant out of the ground and pops the top off aiming the pressurized water at the Torch. Avoiding the stream of water, the Torch aims a flame blast at the top of the old building behind the Hulk and it collapses on top of him. The angered Hulk grabs some of the bricks and smashes them together in his hands with such force it causes a concussive blast sending the Thing and the Torch flying. Then the Military steps in firing missiles at the Hulk who quickly disposes them and then disappears into the N.Y. subway tunnels. As the Thing regains consciousness he leaves Johnny who needs more time to recover. Returning to finish his fight with the Hulk, the Thing finds him gone,
      • The Hulk arrives at Tony Stark’s mansion and finds the Avengers have just returned. They want to talk to the Hulk but feeling betrayed by Rick Jones, the Hulk lunges for him. The Avengers all leap to save Rick from the Hulks grasp but they all fall quickly in close quarters. The Hulk grabs Rick then busts through the mansion wall and escapes outside with the Avengers quickly following.
      • Back at the hospital Reed has recovered from the deadly virus and the FF seem ready to take on the Hulk again. Meanwhile the Wasp irritates the Hulk's by buzzing around his ear until Captain arrives hammering his shield into the Hulks chest. The Human Torch flies down creating a flame wall between Cap and the Hulk. The FF has arrived to help but the Avengers claim it’s their problem to let them take care of the Hulk. Iron Man gets in Reeds way and becomes entangled with Reeds stretched out arm. As Invisible Girl tries to encapsulate the Hulk with an invisible force field, she captures Giant Man instead when he leaps in the way. As the Hulk leaps away with Rick Jones, Thor tries to stop them with his mighty Uru but his hammer finds the Thing instead .As the Hulk lands atop of a high rise construction site, with the Human Torch arriving he separates Rick Jones from the Hulk with a wall of flame. Torch continues to encircle the Hulk with flame until Iron Man arrives demanding Torch to stop. Iron Man uses his transistorized repulsor beam and puts his flame out claiming flames alone won't stop the Hulk. Mr. Fantastic sees Johnny falling and has the Thing propel him through the sky catching Johnny and returning them to the construction site. The Hulk starts tearing the girders apart and uses them as missiles directed at Iron Man. Falling victim to the Hulk, Iron Man is buried under tons of steel. Thor throws his enchanted mallet smashing through the steel setting Iron Man free. The Thing arrives atop the unfinished skyscraper to take on the Hulk again .They clash with such force the girder can not sustain them. They both fall. The Hulk reaches out grabbing a girder while the Thing falls into a tub of cement. The Hulk is ready to smash the Thing when Captain sends a wrecking ball his way. The Hulk catches it and sends it right back at Cap who easily dodges it. Cap uses the Hulks own mass against him tossing him around and using his shield when Hulk suddenly steps on a plank sending Cap flying hitting his head. Giant Man takes his shot at the Hulk along with an army of ants. Rick Jones races to Hulks side throwing a gamma-ray treated capsule. The army of ants covers the Hulk making him crazy. He heads for the rivers edge and plummets into the Hudson River.He never comes back to the Surface The FF and the Avengers relieved the fight is finally over still want to help the Hulk save him from himself believing that Hulk will never understand they are not enemies.

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    The Thing vs. The Hulk, round 2! 0

    Probably the best issue for all-out-action in the early 60s issues of Fantastic Four, this issue features the continuation of the battle between the Fantastic Four and the Hulk. With his comrades out of action in the hospital, it falls to Ben Grimm to take down the rampaging Hulk alone - that is until the battle travels up town to the Avengers H.Q., where that team gets involved too.  This was Marvel's first great crossover event, and a major turning point in the Fantastic Four comics as Kirby w...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    dmstarz's favourite marvel comic cover no225 0

    As a rule, I am not a fan of busy, crowded covers. However, for the above, I'll call an exception. Why? Because it's just so freakin' weird. I love the set up of all the heroes clinging to or flying round the superstructure of a skyscraper, initially reminding me of the perils of Harold Lloyd or Laurel & Hardy. Perhaps Stan Lee had just watched one of their movies before he started scripting this book. Kirby has drawn the figures crisply and cleanly, again not like the heavy blotching of his...

    0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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