Fantastic Four #25

    Fantastic Four » Fantastic Four #25 - The Hulk Vs Thing! released by Marvel on April 1, 1964.

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    Reed has discovered the cure for the Thing /Ben Grimm to become human again. Destroying the vial containing the cure in Reeds hands The Thing ruins his chances of becoming normal. The Thing wants no part of it thinking that maybe Alicia won't love him as plain old Ben Grimm. Alicia walks into the room with the day’s newspaper wanting to read to the FF the recent battle between the Hulk and Avengers.

    In , a boulder blocks the way of a truck. The drivers come out of the truck wondering how they are going to get by when suddenly the boulder is broken in half by the Incredible Hulk. Stepping through the rubble of the now demolished boulder the Hulk demands a ride. The Hulk empties the trailer of the truck and starts to rest soon transforming back to Bruce Banner as the drivers drive the vehicle to its original destination. Banner wakes as he feels the truck come to a stop and sneaks out of the truck. Back at the Hulks unloading point of his recent ride, the Avengers along with Rick Jones are following the trail of damage left by the Hulk. The Hulk finds a piece of newspaper floating around and grabs it. He reads that "Captain replaces the Hulk as a member of the Avengers". Angering him, the Hulk propels himself through the sky by with his powerful legs heading for .

    In , Reed Richards has fallen ill. The FF tries to rush him to a Dr. by the Fantastic car when they see the destruction of a building. Then they realize ...the Incredible Hulk is the cause of the destruction. Johnny Storm/The Human Torch flies out to take on the Hulk. The Hulk avoids the Torches attempt to shower him with molten bricks. The Hulk breaks a lamppost to swat the Torch. The Hulk then swats the ground .The impact and resulting shockwave takes down the Human Torch. The Hulk grabs the Torch with his bare hands rendering him unconscious. A sick Reed Richards tells Ben and Sue to leave him and go help Johnny. They arrive at he scene when Johnny awakes and the Hulk is about to toss him when Sue projects a invisible shield surrounding Johnny. The Hulk tests the shield by pounding on it. He then leaps into the air taking Torch with him stretching Sue's projected shield to its limit until she collapses from the strain. The Thing gently places Sue to a place of safety. The Thing tackles the Hulk as soon as he touches the ground and sends the Hulk flying into an abandoned warehouse with a haymaker. Raging out of the warehouse the Hulk grabs a bus that is in his way and rips it in half. Tearing off its tires the Hulk tosses them at the Thing. The Thing avoids the tires but the Hulk reaches him and grasps the Things wrists tossing the Thing into the air. The Thing stops his flight by grabbing a ledge atop a building. Then the Hulk shakes the foundations of the building and the Thing loose from the top of the building. Falling back to the ground, the Hulk tries to catch the Thing as he crashes through the cement. The Hulk tries to pull the Thing back to the surface and grabs instead high voltage electric cables sending millions of volts through him. The Yancy St. Gang try to send help the Things way by sending a medium sized truck careening into both the Thing and Hulk sending them both into . The Thing reaches the surface and finds speed boat. He speeds away but the Hulk leaps and crashes through the boat destroying it. They resume their battle on a nearby bridge. The Hulk pressures the Thing, almost dropping back into the river. The Thing musters strength enough to push the Hulk up onto the catwalk knocking down some of the bridge cable. The Thing then grabs some of the cable and tries tying up the Hulk only for him to bust free and takes out the Thing knocking him out cold. The Hulk screams for revenge, he screams for the Avengers. When The Thing comes to, the Hulk is still on his rampage through the city looking for the Avengers. Although he feels defeated and bested by the Hulk, the Thing is intent even if it kills him to take on the Hulk again.


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    Read about the "Battle Of the Century" 0

    This is a great read. Witness the "Battle of the Century".  Read it. When Jack Kirby and Stan Lee created the Marvel Universe It wasn't just by chance. Two creative men finally getting to do comics the way they wanted to. Then it snowballed,culminating in a few years , these new super powered characters that would stand the test of time. To this pinnacle moment where they would come together for the first time in the"Worlds Greatest Comic Magazine" the Fantastic Four. Marvels flagship title of t...

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    Marvel's First Great Crossover Event! 0

    The Hulk and the Thing briefly met in the pages of The Fantastic Four a few months back, but the saga really began in The Avengers #2 where the Hulk went rogue, and The Avengers #3 where he teamed up with the Sub-Mariner. Following the events in those issues, the Hulk vows revenge against the Avengers for betraying him, and so he travels to New York City, which brings him into conflict with that city's other big hero team... the Fantastic Four!  Finally this comic gets back on track as Stan Lee ...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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