Fantastic Four #23

    Fantastic Four » Fantastic Four #23 - The Master Plan Of Doctor Doom! released by Marvel on February 1, 1964.

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    At a court, a gangster's bail is paid by a strange bald man in a suit. He then takes the gangster to two other men, and introduces the three men to each other: There is Bull Brogin, who is strong but not very smart, "Handsome Harry" Phillips, a con man, and Yogi Dakor, a circus performer who did fire breathing tricks, but was arrested for stealing the money that the circus made. The mysterious man is then revealed to be a robot, and the creator of the robot steps out: it is none other than Doctor Doom. He tells the three men that he will increase their natural powers, and does so. Bull Brogin now possesses super strength, Handsome Harry's hearing is now strong enough that he can hear a feather dropping, and Yogi Dakor is now completely fireproof. Doctor Doom then informs them that the three of them must take out the Fantastic Four, and bring them to a specific warehouse. The next day, Bull Brogin encounters the Thing. Since his strength is still nowhere near the Thing's, Bull shoots the Thing with a cosmic ray gun which turns him back to Ben Grimm. He then knocks him out. Meanwhile, Handsome Harry gives Sue Storm some flowers, claiming that he's a fan of hers. However, she realizes its a trap, and turns invisible. But handsome Harry can hear her heartbeat, and so manages to capture her. The Human Torch is told that he has a special car as a gift for him from a sultan, but it is actually Yogi Dakor in disguise. Yogi then manages to capture the Torch. Doctor Doom then captures Reed Richards with a fake robot of the Thing. With all the Fantastic Four in the warehouse, Doctor Doom gives Yogi, Bull and Handsome Harry suitcases, claiming they're full of money, but when they open them they turn out to be teleporters which teleport them to another dimension. Doom then battles the Fantastic Four, but they prove to be too strong for him to beat on his own, so he activates some cosmic dust which he sprayed the room with. This basically turns the floor which he had coated it with to a transporter to open space. He is about to leave, but then the Invisible Girl holds him in a forcefield and threatens that she will leave him there too if he doesn't free them. Doom then struggles to find the escape for the room, but in his haste he falls into space. The Fantastic Four then find the exit, and leave just before the room is destroyed.


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    Doctor Doom's Master Plan (This Week) 0

    This is a fairly routine issue of Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four are fighting among themselves - especially Johnny and Ben. Doctor Doom shows up to cause trouble. This time his plan involves bailing three criminals out of jail and giving them superpowers so they can each defeat one of the FF (why he can't do this to himself is beyond me). Then with them and his robots (why he can't just use robots is beyond me) he captures the FF.  O.K., so it's average. But then in the last few pages it way...

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    The Master Plan Of Doctor Doom! 0

    Holy teleporter and solar beams, Reed Richards, it's time you stepped down as the leader of the Fantastic Four! Sick of being bossed around, the other three members take it upon themselves this month to voting on a new leader, only they can't because they all end up voting for themselves. Funny stuff; but not as funny as Doctor Doom's latest series of traps and wacky hijinks that dominates the majority of the Four's adventure. To be fair, every odd Doctor Doom appearance is usually pretty silly,...

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