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    And They're Off!

    This series had a very good start and I'm starting to really like the Fantastic Four again (as I wasn't a fan on Jonathan Hickman's run). This series looks like it will be a lot of fun but unfortunately this issue is still setting things up.


    This issue sees the Fantastic Four recruit the team that will replace them in case they are gone for more than four minutes.


    This was a very good issue but I would have preferred to see the Fantastic Four in action. I appreciate that this issue shows the grouping of the team that will replace them in case something goes wrong, as I don't plan on getting FF, but I'd still rather see them on their adventures. Matt Fraction has however done a tremendous job of writing this issue, and it looks like he's wanting to link his two series perfectly. He also really knows how to write these characters, as he has them all down to a t, whether it's the competitive Thing, or the forgetful Johnny Storm.

    The art in this issue was also very good and Mark Bagley has once again done a tremendous job. His artwork is simly amazing, and really suits this series. Bagley also has a brilliant ability of knowing when to make a panel look fun or serious, and I love how you can feel the atmosphere throughout the characters through his art. I also like how he puts ton's of detail in his art, and whether it's drawing the group gathered round, Johnny and Darla facing Dinosaurs, or Ant-Man (Scott Lang) examining Reed Richards' arm, it's always beautiful.

    Thing and She-Hulk Tussle
    Thing and She-Hulk Tussle

    The way that each member of the team was able to choice their replacement was also very nice, and I liked how they got to hang out with their respected replacements also. The funniest one was Thing and She-Hulk, as both characters are very competitive, and whilst lifting weights (in the ton's) they both keep upping the ante. It was also fun to see how She-Hulk reacted when Thing called her a dummy. Thing shouldn't be calling any one a dummy, and especially She-Hulk, as she's a very smart person, being a lawyer. I also thought it was nice seeing She-Hulk in a Fantastic Four comic again as it's not the first time she's been a member of the Fantastic Four, but it has been some time.

    Ant-Man Examining Mr. Fantastic
    Ant-Man Examining Mr. Fantastic

    Reed Richards' choice of Ant-Man to replace him was also a very smart decision, as they are both very smart characters, and the replacement team needs someone like Ant-Man to lead them. I also liked how Ant-Man was shocked with what he found whilst examining Mr. Fantastic, and how to him it looked, "evil,". I was also happy that it was the Scott Land, Ant-Man that Reed chose as he's not been in much recently and Eric O'Grady, and Hank Pym have had a lot more notice.

    Sue Storm's choice of Medusa as her replacement was also very interesting, and I liked how Madusa was perplexed when the children didn't bow to her. It was also nice seeing Madusa back in a Fantastic Four issue as an ally, as she's been around the Fantastic Four with the Inhumans for years, and was actually introduced in the first Fantastic Four ongoing series.

    Johnny's Recruiting Darla
    Johnny's Recruiting Darla

    Johnny's choice for his replacement was probably the most interesting overall, as he asked Darla, who he was on a date with last issue to take his place. This was a weird choice cause as far as I'm aware she as no superpowers. This also shows how lazy Johnny is at picking a replacement, and due to him believing that they will be back in four minutes he doesn't see why he should go out of his way. I'm sure FF will give more information on the Darla character, and from what I've read I know she gets a Thing suit, and goes under the name Ms. Thing, but seriously Johnny should have thought of someone better to replace him.

    Final Verdict

    This was a good issue but I would have preferred to have seen the Fantastic Four on their adventures. I would still recommend this issue, as it was good, and once it kicks into a higher gear I expect this series to be brilliant.

    Rating: 4/5

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