Fantastic Four #19

    Fantastic Four » Fantastic Four #19 - Prisoners of the Pharoah! released by Marvel on October 1, 1963.

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    After a day in the museum, Reed reads about a rare herb used during ancient Egyptian times which returned eyesight. Realising that this could cure Alicia Masters's blindness, he gets together the rest of the Fantastic Four. The four then go to Doctor Doom's castle, which they visited in Fantastic Four #5, and use the time machine still located there to go back to Egyptian times. However, all four are shot by a gun which takes away their powers. The wielder of the gun is a pharoah who calls himself Rama-Tut. He tells the Fantastic Four that he is from the year 3000, and that he travelled back in time in search of something to conquer. However, he was blinded, but the natives brought him a radioactive herb that restored his eyesight. He then makes the Thing row boats up and down the Nile, makes Mr. Fantastic a scout for enemies, makes the Human Torch his personal jester and plans to marry the Invisible Girl. However, the Thing changes back to Ben Grimm due to the intense heat, and frees the others. They then chase Rama-Tut back to his own century, and take the herb that restores eyesight. However, the time machine cannot transport radioactive materials from the past to the present or vice versa, so their trip was useless.

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    This issue presents a Gallery of Super Villains with pictures of Puppet Master, Mole Man, Skrulls and Doctor Doom.


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    Dreadful 0

    There's so much wrong here, I don't even know where to begin.  Reed has been studying Egyptology and sees some hieroglyphics in a museum that he takes to mean a pharaoh who was blind had a radioactive herb that made him see again. Thinking this can possibly cure Alicia, the FF travel to Doctor Doom's abandoned castle to use his still working time machine to travel to ancient Egypt. There they encounter Rama-Tut, a descendant of Doom's who traveled to the past in a time traveling sphinx to become...

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    Dullness In The Desert 0

    For a tale that concerns the Fantastic Four’s travels back to the age of the ancient egyptians to fight against a dictatorial pharaoh from from the future, this has a relatively easy to follow plot that flows surprisingly neatly. Our heroes have the motive and the pre-established means with which to travel back in time and do so in a manner that is not too contrived (for a 1963 Marvel comic at least).Story wise I take issue primarily with the lack of agency the Fantastic Four have in setti...

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    Prisoners of the Pharoah! 0

    Stan goes mad with time travel, hieroglyphics, paradoxes and all sorts of science fiction this month as The Fantastic Four go back in time to try and recover an ancient vial presumed to have a radioactive cure for blindness. What they don't count on however is that they'd already been beaten to the chase by a mad scientist from the year 3000 who, sick of his utopian civilisation, opted to travel back in time to rule and conquer all for a bit of fun. Sure, it's a bit silly, but it's also a lot of...

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