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At the start of this issue, the Skrull Emperor wants someone who can defeat the Fantastic Four. Some Skrull scientists then augment a test subject, making him a Super Skrull, with all the powers of the Fantastic Four, only greater. He then travels to Earth to fight the Fantastic Four. When he reaches there, he fights the Fantastic Four, who are easily defeated. The Fantastic Four have to retreat, and Reed searches the sky on a hunch. He works out that the Super-Skrull's power is being beamed to him from the Skrull's home planet, and makes a jammer which will cancel out his super powers if it is placed on him. They then find the Super Skrull again, and offer to fight him on a lonely island, so that no innocent people will be hurt. After the Skrull beats almost all of them, the Invisible Girl manages to put the jammer on him. They then knock him into a crater, and Johnny seals it.

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The Super Skrull Strikes! 0

To create a truly great villain you need two things. One the villain has to be interesting as a character, their motivations should make sense and their powers and backstory should be appropriate for the hero they are fighting. Two they have to be a threat to the hero, either psychologically (like the Joker to Batman) or physically (like the Juggernaut to the X-Men). If you have both of those concepts down to a tee you have a villain that will stand the test of time such as the Joker or Ultron o...

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