Fantastic Four #17

    Fantastic Four » Fantastic Four #17 - Defeated By Doctor Doom! released by Marvel on August 1, 1963.

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    This issue starts just after the end of the previous issue, with the Fantastic Four saying goodbye to Ant-Man, who helped them in the previous issue. The team then recall the adventure with Doctor Doom in the previous issue, before all trying to find Doom individually. Unfortunately, none of them are successful. That night, the Fantastic Four are about to leave the Baxter Building when they find a massive crowd of their fans in the lobby. Not wanting to wade through the packed crowd, a janitor offers them a back entrance out of the building, which they accept. The janitor then asks to shake hands with the four celebrities, which they naturally agree to. However, once they're gone, the "janitor" reveals himself to be Doctor Doom, having placed a small, transparent disc on the hand of each Fantastic Four member when he shook their hands. Doctor Doom then sends out four robots to follow the discs, each one to follow one member of the Fantastic Four.

    The robots cause havoc in the Fantastic Four's private lives by following them around, and whenever the Fantastic Four try to attack them, their attacks go straight through them. When they regroup, Mr. Fantastic works out that the robots are attracted to them for a reason, and soon finds the transparent disc slipped on by Doom. Brushing it off makes the robots disappear, although there is more to Doom's plan than just the robots. Shortly afterwards, Doctor Doom kidnaps Alicia Masters, and sends them a message to the Fantastic Four telling them not to oppose him, or she will be killed. Doom then sends a message to Washington demanding a post in the President's Cabinet, as he craves power, but is predictably turned down. In retaliation, Doom shuts down electronics all over America, causing the government to turn to the Fantastic Four for help.

    Mr. Fantastic finds out that Doctor Doom's base is a flying laboratory hidden in an artificial cloud, but there are disintegrator guns which are set to destroy the Fantastic Four, as the robots Doom sent to follow the Fantastic Four read each member's atomic and molecular structure. As changing to Ben Grimm changes the Thing's atomic structure, Mr. Fantastic creates a serum which will allow him to get past the guns and deactivate them, so that the rest of the team can follow. The Thing is successful in doing this, and when the team arrives, each of them split up to find Alicia. Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, and the Thing all find themselves in deadly traps, but are able to escape them before they can prove fatal. Doom then sends spheres after the Fantastic Four which seemingly teleport them into a different dimension and stop the Fantastic Four for good, before it's revealed that the "Fantastic Four" the spheres teleported were just mirages created by the Human Torch.

    As the Invisible Girl rescues Alicia, Doctor Doom comes into the room, planning to use Alicia as a hostage. Upon finding Sue, he activates some moving bars in the room, planning on trapping her. However, the rest of the team soon arrive, and so Doom flees, jumping out of his ship and disappearing among the clouds. With Doom gone and Alicia found, the Fantastic Four's lives return to normal.


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    Dated Beyond Enjoyability 0

    Picking up where last issue left off, the FF say goodbye to Ant-Man, but keep the special Ant-Man sized launcher Reed made just to shoot Ant-Man off - in case they need it in the future. They all say corny things like "I feel like a meathead wavin' to someone the size of a worm", etc.  It's not long before Doctor Doom shows up and has invisible, incorporeal robots follow the FF, then he kidnaps Alicia with a grappling ray and takes her prisoner aboard his metal sky ship disguised as a cloud.  Re...

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    Yes Invisible Woman! 0

    Back from the world of the micro the pursuit of Dr Doom is on! The Fantastic Four are taking preemptive action and are actively hunting down their fearsome, flighty foe. Through means of deception Dr Doom soon turns the tables on our intrepid heroes leaving them first humiliated, then later helpless in the face of his attack on New York.Standing in stark contrast to Fantastic Four #16 this book tells a solid story within it’s own pages while continuing on directly from the last. I think th...

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    Defeated By Doctor Doom! 0

    Man, oh man; that cover! If that doesn't make you wanna read this one, I don't exactly blame you. Though, even if it is a bit of a by-the-numbers read for a Fantastic Four issue, the majority of this thrilling conclusion to last month's story is more than satisfactory. The central problem however lies in the fact that Lee attempts to flesh out a third act into 23 pages as a result of this experimental two-parter thing, and in turn creates a much less immediate and exciting escapade for our heroe...

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