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The Incredible Hulk

The Marvelverse just got a little smaller this month as The Fantastic Four somehow manage to get themselves on the wrong end of everyone's favourite big green guy,Hulk. I mean, that's what defines him really, ain't it? You see the Hulk, you think "man, that's guy's green." then you realise, "he's quite strong too, huh?" According to military however, The Thing looks just like Hulk, so much so that they try to capture him resulting is myriad of panels devoted to soldiers being mauled. Sound familiar? Well, it is—for the wrong reason. Fantastic Four #12 by all means, should have been Hulk #6, because it's told in same uneven, drab fashion that his stories are told. Sure enough, we get a couple of good character moments from the Four here, and we see the debut of the new Fantasticar, but all in all this just reads like a pretty dull Hulk episode. To make things worse, despite this ploy to boost Mr. Green's green-flow, Banner would be axed just two months down the line. Bummer.

On the upshot we get a clash between Hulk and Thing which is fine—it's not exactly as epic as you'd think, but it's much more entertaining at least than the predictable commie spy plot which forms the underside here. That, and the fact that everything has opened up here just by bringing these two houses together. Just like that we have more possibilities—it's just a shame that this one doesn't seem all that up to delivering on them. Not bad, but far from the standard of theFour either. An upper-tier Hulk issue if anything.

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