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Fantastic Four vs. The Hulk

My 300th Review!

For my 300th Review, I thought I'd tackle the Epic showdown between the Thing and the Hulk...

...but, either the novelty of reading Silver Age comics is wearing off, or the creativity of the Marvel titles started slipping by the spring of 1963, because this issue, which finally brings about a confrontation between the Fantastic Four and The Hulk, should have been edge-of-my-seat entertainment, but instead I found it to be... pretty routine.

Part of that is no doubt because the much ballyhooed showdown doesn't occur until the fourth chapter of this four part story and, following Stan Lee's decision never to de-glamorize a hero by having him lose a battle to another hero, it results in...

Spoiler warning...




The first of what will be many Marvel stalemates...

But it doesn't help the book that it has a bunch of the usual flaws too - the villain is once again a Commie (and a pretty boring and generic one at that); the heroes display new, often silly powers that don't seem to fit with their character conceptions (Hulk spinning around at super speed or using a sonic boom clap; Human torch picking up objects with a flame lasso; etc.).

All-in-all, I'm left somewhat unmotivated to pick up another issue until the Bronze Age begins.

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