Fantastic Four #12

    Fantastic Four » Fantastic Four #12 - The Incredible Hulk released by Marvel on March 1, 1963.

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    The Incredible Hulk

    The military are marching through the streets of New York city, but it's not a parade, they are on a mission. When The Thing loses his temper with a member of the crowd, the soldiers mistake him for their target - The Hulk! When The Thing gets back to the Baxter Building, he learns that the Fantastic Four have been asked by General 'Thunderbolt' Ross to find and destroy the Hulk, who is wanted for destroying various military projects.

    Part 2 Mission: Stop the Hulk!

    The Fantastic Four accept Gen. Ross' mission, and demonstrate their powers and their newly redesigned Fantasticar to him. Boarding the Fantasticar, the Four and Ross travel across the country to the military base for a high-level conference with scientists Bruce Banner and Karl Kort. Following their meeting, the Human Torch finds Karl Kort's wallet.

    Part 3 Who is the wrecker?

    Pandemonium breaks out in the General's office, and amidst the confusion, The Human Torch asks Rick Jones to return Kort's wallet. However, upon examining the wallet, Rick Jones discovers a card for a 'subversive communist-front organization'. Kort, overhearing Rick talking to himself about Kort being 'A Red', kidnaps him.

    Part 4 "the Hulk at Last!"

    The Fantastic Four test a rocket sled for the army, but the test is sabotaged! Banner is convinced the Hulk cannot be behind the sabotage, but the Fantastic Four are not so sure, and they begin to grow suspicious of the secretive Banner. Banner, receives an ultimatum from 'The Wrecker'; drive the Fantastic Four from the area or Rick's life is Forfeit. Transforming into the Hulk, he goes searching in the tunnels under the base - the same place the Fantastic Four are searching, resulting in an inevitable conflict between the titanic foursome, and the big green gladiator!


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    Fantastic Four vs. The Hulk 0

    My 300th Review!For my 300th Review, I thought I'd tackle the Epic showdown between the Thing and the Hulk... ...but, either the novelty of reading Silver Age comics is wearing off, or the creativity of the Marvel titles started slipping by the spring of 1963, because this issue, which finally brings about a confrontation between the Fantastic Four and The Hulk, should have been edge-of-my-seat entertainment, but instead I found it to be... pretty routine. Part of that is no doubt because the mu...

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    The Incredible Hulk 0

    The Marvelverse just got a little smaller this month as The Fantastic Four somehow manage to get themselves on the wrong end of everyone's favourite big green guy,Hulk. I mean, that's what defines him really, ain't it? You see the Hulk, you think "man, that's guy's green." then you realise, "he's quite strong too, huh?" According to military however, The Thing looks just like Hulk, so much so that they try to capture him resulting is myriad of panels devoted to soldiers being mauled. Sound famil...

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