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    Team » Fantastic Force appears in 59 issues.

    Originaly a team composed of former Fantastic Four members.

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    When Franklin Richards was still a young boy his great power and potential was noticed by his adventuring grandfather Nathaniel Richards.He took the young boy from his parents and dragged him to a future where he would raise the boy. He was trained by his grandfather and took on the title of Psi-Lord. Eventually Psi-Lord would travel back in time with his Aunt Huntara who was also trained by her father Nathaniel.

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    Eventually the Fantastic Four would disband shortly after the death of Mister Fantastic and Doctor Doom and .to make up for the lost Psi-Lord and Huntara formed Fantastic Force with an Inhuman named Delvor and a wakandian Vibraxas. One of the teams major issues came about when an alternate form of Johnny Storm called Vangaard threatened Elsewhen the location Franklin and Tara where trained in. They where assisted in battle by the Human Torch and Black Panther (who was also the team financial supplier). It was the Human Torch who was truly responsible for their safety because he caused Vangaard to see his life as a hero and decided to end his assault.

    Huntara would later leave the team but be replaced by former FFer She-Hulk. Diablo also attempted to manipulate Psi-Lord into helping him defeat Mephisto but this only ended with his defeat. The team would meet it's end with the return of Reed and the de-aging of Franklin back to a minor all caused by his future son Hyperstorm. It was revealed that much of what Nathaniel had taught Franklin was in an attempt to alter the timeline so that Hyperstorm would not exist.

    The New Fantastic Force

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    The new Fantastic Force was originally a team called the New Defenders from 500 years into the future and was led by Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman. The original member count was 147 but was reduced to six (The Invisible Woman, Old Man Logan, Robert Bruce Banner Jr., Lightwave, his daughter Psionics, Natalie X and her boyfriend Alex Ultron 16.0) after they beat Galactus into submission and turned him into the Galactus Engine, a device which would transport the 8 Billion Human Survivors from their distant future to Earth-616.

    However after the events of "Death of the Invisible Woman," the future Susan Richards was killed by Earth-616's Dr. Doom leaving the team to defend Nu-World, an artificial replica of Earth originally built in an alternate reality for only members of "high society," who intended to abandon the lower and middle classes once the Earth died, which had been used to transport the inhabitants of the future Earth to through the use of The Galactus Engine.

    The team was renamed in honor of Sue and they made Lightwave the leader.


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