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    Fantasma is a Dire Wraith sorceress who was once a member of Russia's national superhero team, the Winter Guard.

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    Believed to be a human sorceress, Fantasma was raised as a foundling and trained by the Russian Executive Security Committee to work with the People's Protectorate. 


    Fantasma was created by Mark Gruenwald, Kieron Dwyer and Al Milgrom in 1989 and first appeared in Captain America # 352.   

    Mayor Story Arcs

    The Winterguard

    After the original Darkstar (Laynia Petrovna) was killed, she left the team alongside Vanguard and Starlight, and several others. Alongside them, she formed The Protectorate, and entered Immortus' realm in order to try and persuade him to revive Darkstar. After spending a year figh ting off the Dire Wraiths in Immortus's realm, she was ultimately revealed to be herself a Dire Wraith, and fled back to Earth. Once there, she and The Presence attempted to revive an army of Dire Wraith who lived inside the Winter Guard's base. However, the remaining members of The Protectorate followed her, and after a fight they managed to banish her back to limbo - but not before she dragged Starlight in with her. Her current whereabouts are unknown.  


    In the Black Widow´s series, a woman called Fantasma appeared. It´s unknown if this is the previous Fantasma or a new one. This new Fantasma seems to have phasing ghost powers and illusion casting. She tried to use her illusion casting on Black Widow trapping her in an imaginary fire but was defeated by the mercenary Fatale.


    Powers and Abilities

    Fantasma is a Dire Wraith sorceress capable of telepathy, casting illusions, and neurologically controlling others. As a female Dire Wraith, she can use her sharp like tongue to drill a hole into a victims head and retain their memories and is able to take the form of the victim.

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