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    Fang is an alien member of the Shi'ar Imperal Guard. He is mostly known for having his costume taken by Wolverine, whom used it for some time.

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    Fang is a member of the Imperial Guard. Several members of the alien race called Lupak have taken on the role of Fang. The Lupak come from a planet with the same name. They have a semi-autonomous gland that's invisible to the human eye. The gland floats about a foot away from their body. If it's destroyed, they die. If not, they can always come back.

    Not much is known about their origin other then that they became one of the most prominent fighters in the galaxy and were awarded a place among the Shi'ar's Imperial Guard, where they fought for the Emperor of the Shi'ar. It is known that the original Fang knew the original Captain Marvel.


    Fang was created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum in 1977 and first appeared in X-Men # 107. Much like many of his Imperial Guard peers, Fang, (same as X-Man Wolverine) is loosely based on the DC Comics superhero from the 30th century Timber Wolf, as were many of the other Imperial Guards fashioned after members of the Legion of Super-heroes.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Versus the X-Men

    Fang briefly fights the X-Men when the Imperial Guard was ordered by the mad emperor D'ken to take them out. After his first battle against Wolverine and the X-Men, Fang rips Wolverine's suit and then Wolverine uses his suit instead. After that Wolverine starts using his new brown and yellow suit. However, after D'ken was dethroned and Empress Lilandra took his place, Fang sides with the new empress although he did not agree with her rule.


    Fang fights alongside the Imperial Guard on a few more missions. However, Fang eventually betrays the Shi'ar and his teammates of the Imperial Guardsman to the Brood, only to become the host for a Brood egg, and is consumed in its hatching.


    A new Fang was cloned and, under Empress Lilandra's orders becomes part of the Imperial Guard once more.

    Realm of Kings

    Fang is part of the mission to crush the rebellion on the planet Izumbrad. Fang is part of an assualt team with Hussar, Starbolt and Manta. They are taking down Shi'ar Warbirds before they can elevate into the sky and join the battle. Fang is in a leadership role of this assualt team directing the other guardsmen very tacticlly. They begin to encounter some heavier resistance so Fang rips out the Warbirds power supply and sends it too the ground. Before the battle goes any further Gladiator the newly appointed Majestor of the Shi'ar empire steps in for the save.

    Back on Chandilar while the guards are celebrating Fang makes some comments about Gladiators newly appointed status and his displeasure since Gladiator was just another Guard like all of them and did not deserve to rule. This causes a fight to break out which is ended by Mentor. He volunteers the group for a very special mission. Entering the newly opened fault in space and seeing whats on the other side.

    As the mission in the fault begins it is clear that Fang is not happy about it. He is often voicing his displeasure and is asked if he ever shuts up by Hussar. Fang and Hussar are then seen talking about the War of Kings and The Starjammers. Fang notices Raza staring at the symbiote that had possessed him during the war. He gives fang a hard look and gets him to hurry along. Fang thinks he is a bit of a creepy weirdo.

    The Starjammers and Imperial Guard are then swallowed up by a giant Biological lifeform of unknown origin. Fang is seen fixing the outer hull of the ship and still voicing his dislike of Gladiators new status to Hussar and Manta. After this they are all attacked by some sort o enzyme the creature that swallowed them produces. Fang saves Manta when she blacks out before Starbolt burns all the hostiles.

    After escaping the bioform Quasar shows up and he is in big trouble. Something worse is coming and the Guards begin to prepare. Neutron, Starbolt and Fang exchange stories over some contraband Aedian Psi-Wine that Fang has. During this it is revealed that Fang has no family and was grown in a Gene-vat so The Imperial Guard are all he has. The Giant monsters then realese some sort of X-men clones to battle the Guards. Things are looking bad until Gladiator shows up with the rest of The Imperial Guard to save the day. Fang is battling an alien Wolverine and it is not going well right when it seems the worst Neutron saves his life and Fang ungratefully says he will never hear the end of it. Neutron is then killed right in front of Fang by an alien and there is nothing fang can do. After the battle is over back on Chandilar Fang is seen leading a vigil for Neutron and the other fallen guardsmen.

    Other Versions

    Age of Apocalypse

    As in the regular Marvel 616 universe, Fang was a member of the Imperial Guard in this alternate reality. Along with Gladiator and the rest of the Guard, Fang confronted Gambit and the X-Force, mistaking them for enemies when they teleported to the M'Kraan Crystal. With the help of Rictor, Fang and the Guard attempted to capture the mutants, only to be killed by the M'Kraan's expanding crystal wave while Gambit and his team escaped.

    It is not known what alien race Fang belongs to. He has heightened senses, enhanced speed and strength, increased agility and reflexes, and sharp claws.


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