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    Fang is a lilin that is dedicated to his mother Lilith.

    He was called upon by Lilith when she spotted him and fellow Lilith Nakota at the Limelight goth club in Manhattan NY.

    From what it looks like, in the begining Fang's role in the Lilin family is to protect Lilith and in some cases sneak into places and cause sabatage. He did this when he sneaked into a lab to pour some of his poisonous demon blood in a container that was ment to kill Morbius the Living Vampire. However his blood just mutated Morbius instead.

    Later he would fight with Lilith against the Midnight Son in Greenland. He meet his end when he was bitten by Morbius and sucked dry.

    He would later be reborn with the other Lilin a while later. He would form a some what tie with Outcast. Together they tried to protect Lilith from Centrious but failed and attack Johnny Blaze and his carnavel along with Pilgrim and Steel Wind.

    After the Siege of Darkness, Fang and the other Lilin were sent to the Darkside Dimension nd was last seen drinking in a pissed off state.


    Fang can turn into a black slime substance and slide threw small spaces. He also has poisonous demon blood. Though he is scene charging at his enemies, his hand-to-hand fighting strength is unknown. It appears that he also has small sharp finger nails which he uses to cut his wrist in order to use his poisonous blood. In a later issue he is seen with fangs in his mouth. It is not known if he uses his teeth in combat.


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