Famine (Rolfson)

    Character » Famine (Rolfson) appears in 157 issues.

    Member of the Horsemen of Apocalypse and Mother of Genocide. Famine represents hunger and lack of food and as such was anorexic.

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    Born in Ohio, Autumn Rolfson was a young, spoiled girl who hated the way her parents treated her. After they discovered she was a mutant with the ability to disintegrate food and organisms, they worried what the neighbors and others might think of them .


    Famine was created by Louise Jones Simonson and Marc Silvestri and first appeared in X-Factor Vol.1 issue 12 (1987).

    Major Story Arcs

    Horsemen of Apocalypse

    The eternal mutant known as Apocalypse noticed Autumn for her powers and invited her to join the Horsemen of Apocalypse as Famine. She accepted, and was taught how to use her powers alongside three other mutants: War, Pestilence, and Angel. The Horsemen were a constant threat to X-Factor, and during their assault on Manhattan, Famine battled Captain America and his allies while attempting to destroy America's crops. She was defeated, and returned to Apocalypse. She was eventually abandoned by Apocalypse and presumably returned to live with her parents.

    Uncanny X-Force


    Autumn was next seen many years later. As Archangel is becoming the heir to Apocalypse, he is taken to Akkaba Metropolis, which is located underneath the North Pole, by the Dark Beast. Once there, they are joined by Ozymandias. He takes Archangel to a room where Autumn is. Archangel has a small chat with here in witch she reveals she had a son with Apocalypse, but she kept him hidden from Apocalypse, she thought Apocalypse would see her son as a threat. She asks if he will harm her son, to which Archangel replies that he doesn't think he could if he tried. She then opens the door to her son for Archangel and reveals her son, Genocide. She tried to stop Archangel from using her son, but was killed when he cut her in half with his metal wings.


    Using Her Powers On Beast ...
    Using Her Powers On Beast ...

    Famine is a mutant with the powers to,

    - Cause organic matter to turn to dust at will.

    - Induce extreme hunger pains in humans and animals, although Colossus is resistant to this when in his armored state.

    Alternate Versions

    What If ... ?

    She was a Horsemen Of Apocalypse, and helped obliterate the Marauders. She was eventually killed by Angel and the others.

    Other Media

    X-Men Cartoon 1990's

    Before Her Transformation ...
    Before Her Transformation ...

    Come To Apocolypse and Beyond Good And Evil Parts 3 & 4 are the episodes that Famine appears in. In the first episode, she is selected by Apocalypse to become the Horsemen of Famine. And the final two are when she and the other Horsemen fought the X-Men whilst they were looking for Apocalypse's lazarus chamber.


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