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This new comic series has been featured in Rolling Stone, E!, Elle Magazine, and thousands more sites. Is it the costumes? The music? The voice? Maybe it's all that stage blood. Whatever the reason, Lady GaGa has become one of pop music's biggest stars. Bluewater Comics examines her impact on her legion of fans. Is there room for everyone in the Haus of GaGa?
FAME Lady Gaga Issue 1 Summary
Bill, completely bored, channels surfs while he sits on his couch.  He is uninspired by some of today's big musical acts such as Nickelback and Pink, and cannot seem to get out of his funk.  Suddenly, the Poker Face music video by Lady Gaga is played on MTV and Bill seems mesmerized by Gaga and her lyrics.  He goes to his local music shoppe to ask around for Lady Gaga music.  The service clerk points him into the Modern Pop section where he finds Lady Gaga's second studio's album the Fame Monster.  The young teens around that area stare at Bill thinking he's too old for Lady Gaga, but he ignores them and makes his purchase then leaves.  He calls his wife to talk about dinners plans for the night and as he walks he can't shake Gaga off his mind.  
Back at home, Bill continually watches Lady Gaga music videos on youtube until he falls asleep.  He dreams that he is in the Paparazzi music video with Lady Gaga and that he is the one who shoves her off the balcony.  As he pushes Lady Gaga off the balcony, Bill then pictures himself as Lady Gaga falling off.  In actuality, he falls off his chair in a loud thud and awakens from his sleep.  Bill then checks his blog and finds that there is a comment, excited he checks the comment only to find that it is spam.  Bill feels down on himself and seemingly daydreams again.  He dreams that he is in school with Stefani (Lady Gaga), and they share there experiences of being left out and unwanted.  Stefani mentions that everyone at school treated her like a freak and that the school nuns did not like her at all.  She also mentioned that she would daydream, like him, about being Judy Garland just as he daydreams about being her.  As she shares more experiences with him, he is snapped out of his dream by his wife who calls for him.  And he sighs knowing that he will be late for work now.  
Bill works at some office in a cubicle.  As he works, he sings along aloud to Lady Gaga songs, until one of his neighbors peeks into his cubicle confused by his strange actions.  Bill's wife calls him while he is at work and invites him to lunch.  His wife jokes that his girlfriend is everywhere these days (meaning Lady Gaga).  As they continue to talk, he pictures her face as Lady Gaga.  Back at work, he continues to sing aloud Gaga songs until his neighbor again interrupts him telling Bill that he is too loud.  Bill's boss calls him into his office to talk about his disruptions at work causing his co workers strain.  Bill unnerve by all this changes the topic to Lady Gaga and tells him that when Lady Gaga was dropped from her first label, she continued to pursue her dreams by performing in bars.
A crowd gathers around a building watching some debacle.  It is revealed to be Bill in a blond wig singing and performing to a Lady Gaga song Poker Face.  Bill imagines that Lady Gaga is next to him cheering and performing with him and this gives him the confidence to continue his crazy antics.  A viewer takes out their camera phone and records his actions.  
Lady Gaga is performing or rehearing until someone interrupts her and tells her about Bill's video.  She watches his video and says that it is just weird, weird enough for the Haus of Gaga and she is determined to track Bill down.


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Fame? I say for the wrong reasons. 0

This comic I do not own! I'll admit I did pick it up to check it out, but I did not buy it.  I flipped it in the comic store and read a much as my mind could take.  It is utter garbage.  The story was too silly and contained no substance. The art looked like the worst local artist at you local comic con did it.  No offense to the local artist, you got more skill then me, but this was the most Bollocks excuse for a comic I have ever seen. The whole day dream scene was sicker then a Garth Ennis st...

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