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    Volume 1.

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    The eponymous team is an eclectic group of young runaways with super powers who have been brought together for a secret reason. The first few issues deal with gathering all the team members together, and the few issues after that detail the death of one team member and the relations between the other members. The whole series builds up to an adventure on another planet where the local population have evolved to the point that they can no longer evolve. The team consisted primarily of mutants, and therefore they had been lured away from Earth to become scientific test subjects. Two of the main protagonists must admit that they are also mutants before they can save their new friends.

    Created by Jo Duffy & Kerry Gammill, Fallen Angels is an eight-issue mini series that featured a lot of minor characters from the mid-to-late 1980's. At the time it received a lot of references due to the use of characters from both the New Mutants and X-Factor titles.


    The cover of the first issue of the series says "One moment of anger, and their lives are changed forever". Although this may seem as just a marketing gimmick there is a sense of truth in it.

    That is because all the events happening in this series have impact right up until the end of "The Fall of the Mutants" story line, published in New Mutants 59-61. Because Sunspot hit Cannonball in rage after a game of footbal, he and Warlock left the New Mutants. They only came back at the end of " The Fall of the Mutants" story line. Just a few minutes after Sunspot and Warlock returned to help their teammates fight Cameron Hodge and his elite robots, their friend and teammate Doug Ramsey (aka Cypher) was shot and killed. Though nothing is certain, it could be possible that, had Sunspot and Warlock stayed with the New Mutants, they could have turned the tied in favor of the mutants, and thus preventing the death of Doug.


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