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    Volume » Published by IDW Publishing. Started in 2005.

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    A revival of a DC story volume, this volume continues the story of Fallen Angel's discovery of her repressed past and cloudy future in the New Orleans-style city of Bete Noir.


    One of the most critically acclaimed series of 2004 makes the jump to IDW, as new artist J.K. Woodward introduces readers to the enigmatic city of Bete Noire. In its shadows resides the Fallen Angel, whose origin has long been a mystery... until now. Much time has passed since we last saw her, and in the first issue of the new series, dreams of her long-suppressed past are surfacing and making her life even more torturous than it already is. Dreams that anticipate the return of someone from her past who may hold the key to her future. New York Times Bestselling author Peter David invites you to enter Bete Noire...and get ready for a long and spooky stay.

    This series is also collected in trade paperbacks:

    • To Serve in Heaven (#1-5)
    • To Rule in Hell (#6-10)
    • Back in Noire (#11-16)
    • Heroine Addiction (#17-21)
    • Red Horse Riding (#22-26)
    • Cities of Light and Dark (#27-33)

    And was re-released as omnibus editions:


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