Sam Wilson as Falcon

As Falcon Sam really played a support character in many titles (mainly Captain America).

Falcon's Debut

First Appearance

He is first introduced in Captain America 117.

This story arc (117-119) focuses on Falcon assisting Cap fight against Red Skull and serves as an introduction to Sam Wilson as Falcon.

Modern Falcon

Captain America & Falcon

This series follows the adventures of Captain America and Falcon.

Issues 1-4 follows Captain America trying to capture a rogue Falcon.

Issues 5-8 follow Captain America and Falcon as they crossover with the events of Avengers Disassembled.

Issues 9-14 follows Captain America and Falcon adventures as Captain America starts tosuspect that he has been under psychological attack from the rogue Navy Intelligence unit and Falcon has started shutting down, a big drug cartel.

Captain America by Ed Brubaker

This series heavily focuses on Steve and Bucky. Falcon really just plays a supporting character in this book. However during the Death of Captain America Arc Falcon plays a big role in the investigation of Steve Roger's death and the fall of the Red Skull and his adversaries.

Civil War

Falcon again takes a supportive role by joining and assisting Captain Americas Anti-Registration team.

Marvel Now (Sam as Falcon)

Mighty Avengers

Falcon makes some appearances in Mighty Avengers

but nothing to major is done with his character.

Sam Wilson as Captain America

Finally after years of playing a support character Sam finally gets to take up the Mantel of Captain America.

All-New Marvel Now

Captain America 25

This issue shows the passing of the shield from Steve Rogers to Sam Wilson.

Important to note that during the Iron Nail arc Steve lost his Super Solider Serum rendering him old. Sam naturally (being one of Steve's long time friends and ally) took over the mantle of Captain America to continue fighting for what is right.

All-New Captain America

This is a six issue series that has Sam finally debuts as Captain America in this book. We follow Sam as he adapts to his new role as Cap,as well as figure out what kind of Captain America he is going to be.

All-New Captain America: Fear Him

This is a four issue mini series that follows Sam Wilson and Ian Rogers as they deal with a new foe.This series serves as a way to further flush out Sam's character.


Marvel Event that spun right after the events of Uncanny Avengers. It featured Earth's Mightiest Heroes verses the Red Onslaught. The after math of the events inverted (changed heroes morals around) some heroes (Sam was one of the inverted heroes). They all eventually revert back to who they once were.

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers

This nine issue series followed Sam Wilson as he lead the Mighty Avengers.

Secret Wars

Sam is featured in the event but sadly he doesn't do much.

However this event sets up the All-New All-Different Marvel.

All-New All-Different Marvel

Sam Wilson Captain America

This series continues the adventures of Sam as Captain America.

It is currently ongoing.

Sam will also be featured in the upcoming event Civil War 2 and other events to come.


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