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    Member of the second Order, Chevalier d'Émeraude of the first generation Falcon is the most skilled swordmanship of the team. Black haired with blue eyes, short, thin but agile he's a superstitious from the kingdom of Turquoise who likes fairy tales.

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    Member of the second Order, Chevalier d'Émeraude of the first generation, Falcon was born in Turquoise but raised in Émeraude. At a very young age tales was his favorite thing, since then he has developped a superstitious mind. For this exact reason, he's afraid of the dark but possess his own courage. He has developped a strong relationship through the years with his companions since they were all recruted at a very young age and he would rather fight by their sides if the choice is given.


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    At a very young age, Falcon was showing a great ability that could not be ignored. The King of Émeraude announced to whoever having the will to learn about the abilities given by the gods, could be trained by the royal guard and the magician Élund. In exchange they had to join the second order to fight l'Empire Noir and maintain order in the continent of Enkidiev. He travelled from Turquoise to Émeraude to be part of the guardians of peace. He sometimes regret his choice but when he thinks about him and his brothers in arm he realize he made the right choice.


    Falcon is a creation of Anne Robillard, he made his first BD appearance just like his companions in the adaptation of the 12 novels written by Anne Robillard from 2003 to 2008. The name of the issue is Les Enfants magique and the year of the adaptation is 2011 with the art of Tiburce Oger.


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