Falcon 7

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    The military contact of Birdman

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    Falcon 7 was the mysterious eye-patched contact of Birdman, he was rarely seen in person and would occasionally smoke a pipe.

    Phil. Ken. Seb. ben.

    In the semi-official continuation of the original Birdman series, Falcon Seven has become Phil Ken Sebben, Head of the law firm Sebben and Sebben, he is always busy hitting on female employees, sword fighting, maiming others, and being served drinks by a bear. He has a habit of laughing whenever a double entendre is said and then saying the word that made him laugh.

    He lost his eye in an office accident with a paper clip and sued the company blind, he went on to use the money to create his own law firm with his identical twin brother Bill Ken Sebben. It's also implied he is blind in his visible eye.

    He has a daughter Judy Ken Sebben who also works as the superhero Birdgirl.


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