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    Cybernetic clone of He-Man built by Skeletor.

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    Faker, a prominent character from the Masters of the Universe franchise, is a robot duplicate of He-Man, created by the evil sorcerer Skeletor. Introduced in the animated series and action figure line during the 1980s, Faker's most popular origin story revolves around Skeletor's desire to undermine the heroic He-Man. Skeletor devised the scheme to build an evil counterpart to the mighty hero, intending to use Faker to deceive He-Man's allies and ultimately defeat him. Constructed in the image of He-Man, Faker possessed similar physical prowess and appearance but lacked the noble spirit that defined the true champion of Eternia.


    Faker was conceived by the creators of the Masters of the Universe franchise, which included writer Donald F. Glut and artist Mark Taylor. Initially designed as an action figure for Mattel's toy line, Faker made his first appearance in the animated series produced by Filmation. His creation aimed to introduce a formidable adversary for He-Man, adding depth to the ongoing struggle between good and evil in the fictional world of Eternia.

    Character Evolution

    Over the years, Faker has become an iconic character within the Masters of the Universe universe. Despite his initial role as a simple action figure and a one-off character in the animated series, Faker's popularity among fans led to his inclusion in various other media adaptations, including comics, video games, and even modern interpretations of the franchise. He has evolved from being a mere physical copy of He-Man to a character with his own identity and motivations, often playing a more substantial role in the storyline.

    Major Story Arcs

    Faker has appeared in numerous story arcs throughout the Masters of the Universe franchise. One notable storyline involves his rebellion against Skeletor, as he seeks to break free from the villain's control and establish his own identity. This internal conflict highlights the character's evolution from a mere puppet to a more complex and independent figure in the lore of Eternia.

    Powers and Abilities

    Faker possesses superhuman strength, speed, and endurance, similar to the real He-Man. He is also equipped with a power harness, which grants him the ability to replicate He-Man's incredible feats of strength. However, unlike He-Man, Faker lacks the moral compass and integrity that defines the true champion of Eternia.

    Alternate Versions

    Faker has been featured in various alternate versions and adaptations of the Masters of the Universe franchise. These versions often explore different aspects of his character, such as his potential for redemption or his role in alternate storylines. Whether in comic books, video games, or other media, these alternate versions provide fresh perspectives on this iconic character.

    Other Media

    Faker has made appearances in multiple forms of media beyond the original toy line and animated series. He has been featured in Masters of the Universe comics, both in classic and modern iterations, as well as in video games based on the franchise. His presence in these diverse forms of media has solidified his status as a beloved and enduring character within the Masters of the Universe universe.


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