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Of Geishas, Poison, Hidden Cities and Conquest

The dicotomy (or irony/or contant struggle) in this story is pulsing very strong: at the same time there's a woman in charge of the writing, she isn't afraid of showing a feudal macho-patriarcal Japan society and at the same time women are showed as the weak link as oppose to the male character, there's resistance, there's fight, this contrast is very interesting. The shogun Ryogan is a classic tale of someone looking for his pretty princess but still, in a psychological analysis, is living as a child, as a person who can't take no for an answer, someone who sees women as objects, so when his path crosses with Rapunzel's and she shows resistance, the duality love/passion vs angry/dominance ends up pretty badly (at least now for her). But it's very interesting as the writer incorporates some new horror elements (the horror movie "The Ring" for instance) into Rapunzel's fable story, also telling her story in Japan, making her very mysterious, dreadfull as powerfull at the same time. There're some pretty ugly scenes in this issue and Inaki Miranda's art captures all of it, leaving nothing out of the process. There's a scene in particular, sorry for the minor spoiler here, that after being beaten up, Rapunzel is thrown into a well and her hair starts to grow, like a living thing, almost as an individual and the art, as Rapunzel seeks her liberty, is very sinister and awesome. There's a sinister and mature theme in this issue! The way Rapunzel tricks the shogun is another great example of how the writer empowers women in this battle between male vs female. A very interesting comic book!

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